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its all in the title, for anyone who has google earth, you could post any interesting findings here

to jump start the conversation.....


I almost shit myself when I saw this, even with the given location

latitude and longitude are as follows ... 51*7'01.37"N 0*32'32.39W
not too hard since you know its general area

its also on streetfire if anyone here thinks I have real talent:laughing:

I just cant believe it, something about this is so cool :mrgreen:

posted by  nighthawk

thats good!
i remember seeing in the news a while ago but someone spotted a Lancaster Bomber in the air on it, i think it was part of the battle of britain memorial at Farnborough Air Show!

posted by  True_Brit

I just found it myself, this stuff is sweet:laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

holy shit, check this out!!
I checked them all out, just do what it says

the UFO is crazy, it actually looks real

posted by  nighthawk

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