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Why the hell is this forum targeted for so many random ads and spammers?

I recently joined and there is one or two spammers dropping by every month or so

here its one or two per day:cussing: :banghead:

I used to laugh at the people who come in saying stuff like,

I need new tires sized 205, 75 R16 can anybody help me out?
and then in the bottom corner ( FOR REASONS UNKNOWN)
it says something along the lines of Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Doors

and im left sitting at my computer thinking.... WTF???

I was just wondering if anyone knew why its so bad here

my guess is because the name of the website is just simply, car-forums

anyway thats all for now:laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

I figure most of the ads are car related and want to post on a forum, so the advertisers go to google and type in "car forums". We're pretty much a target for advertisers and one post wonders.

posted by  giant016

Both of you are correct. The people who post asking for tyres and then drop a link in there post at the bottom, or in their sig probably do actually want tyres or something, but they just want to plug their business while they're here.....which is obviously against the rules, too! It also has alot to do with our name 'Car-Forums' is probably one of the most searched for items on the Internet (When I wanted to find a car forum, guess what I typed in....). I'm a Mod and Admin at other forums, and we never get this trouble, due to one of the forum's still finding its feet, and the other one being a Video Game forum (a certain video game....but I don't wanna advertise, lol), hence only getting traffice of a particular sort.

Also, you don't have to only tap in Car-Forums to get this place, you could type in "Headgasket?" or other car related problems, and it might link to CF, maybe not in the first one or two listings, but certainly there somewhere. A typical advertiser might type in something like "car parts" and CF might be there. Spammers are a whole different breed, lol. For example, our Spanish freinds who invaded a while ago (the CF Spanish invasion lol) were just trolling the place, nobody knows why, we might have pissed them off before, or deleted a lame attempt at advertising their forum or something, I guess that probably provokes most trolls?

Another very common advertiser is the advertiser whom has just started his freebie car forum and realises that in order to get the kind of traffic we get, he'll have to buy or rent the domain, and as his free Forum is a car one, he feels that this will be the ideal place to advertise. Luckilly though, we have the Advert-Alert, and Mods who are on the ball, lol.....some times :laughing:. A prospective advertiser could also type in something like 'windows and doors' to Google and might see CF there somewhere, because those Google Bots or whatever they're called, have recognised threads here at CF in the OT section that relate to that, thus linking them to said thread! Hope that answered some questions!

posted by  Cliffy

yeah.... I know:laughing:

oh well, theyre funny sometimes

posted by  nighthawk

Another thing, this site is either extremely relevant to Google or the owner pays them, this site is very close to the top of many automotive related searches.

posted by  jedimario

You mean to say I typed all of that and you already knew? lol...:joking:

As far as I'm aware, it's down to the popularity of the site (how many members, guests, and threads/posts etc that we have here)

posted by  Cliffy

There's many more factors than hits. Things like what sites link to you, how many, how organized and neat your html is, the list goes on.

posted by  jedimario

speaking of.... :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

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