most significant vehicles from 1966-2006

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It's cool for me cause I've never seen a lot of the OLDER models of these vehicles, and to think they survived all the hardships that new cars face...and most of them are still around today.

I agree with the list, btw.

EDIT: I agree for the most is the eclipse doing on there, lol

posted by  Bronxie

The Corolla first came out in 1968? Looks pretty interesting...I'll have to look over it some time.

posted by  chris_knows

I never thought of the corolla as a significant vehicle until I saw this. It's true.

posted by  Bronxie

I would have chosen cars like:

Datsun 510
Datsun 120Y
Datsun 240Z
Nissan GT-R
Mazda MX5
Hyundai Excel
Toyota Landcrusier and the Landrover
Lotus elise
BMW 318i

but then I'm in a different location

posted by  Wally

that is similar to what i was thinking! from the Nissan GT-R down! (whats the Hyundai Excel? i probably know it, but in a different name!) i would have picked the Audi Quattro too!

posted by  True_Brit

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