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So I havent been here much with the new job and all (working craploads) But I was thinking about actually buying the game Battlefield 2142 even after EA screwed up BF2 with its "mods". I was planning on boycotting it but thought, "Hell I'll pay $40 for a "new" version with new guns, armored walkers..."

Well anyways I went to research it today to find out it is loaded with Spyware and an add program. Talk about me being really happy I didn't buy it day one.

All reviews except by the companies taht have to be PC, slam this game. Same engine, physics, and now you will get advertisements for Mtn. Dew in the middle of game play. WTF.

Anywasy that is my quick vent, Beware the game!! Myslef, I am really hoping EA gets the message by all the users out there that will boycott(sp?) this game!

posted by  Voda48

I was looking at it just yesterday, but thought it was something like MechAssault (Is it?) lol. EA has a way of overhyping games and making them sound sweet, but very few actually live up to it lol.

posted by  chris_knows

i dont lie the look of that gae, well actually, tell the truth, i dont like many future warfare games, i even got bored of Halo! i like past, modern and near future like Battlefield!

posted by  True_Brit

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