favorite sports team????

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my favorite sports team are the (dont laugh) the Boston Bruins. some people might find that weird especially because im from montreal.

Whats ur favorite sport team?

posted by  81-camaro

ohio state buckeyes
cleveland cavaliers

posted by  jackal2000

hmm... lets see...
San Diego Dynasty
L.A. Ironmen
Sacramento XSV
Philadelphia All Americans

this is for paintball ftw

posted by  starscream0

Detroit Tigers :ohcrap:...
Toronto Maple Leafs (again :ohcrap: lol)
Ferrari (Raikkonen)
Miami Heat/Detroit Pistons
Seattle Seahawks

I think that's everything. lol.

posted by  chris_knows

Uh, that would be the Vancouver Canucks, who just kicked Ovechkin's ass last night :mrgreen:. I pretty much only watch Hockey, but ocaissionally take in a CFL game, in which case its the BC Lions.

posted by  Mathew

same here hockey semes to be the only sport were a can watch a full game without getting bored

posted by  81-camaro

Baseball: Boston Red Sox
BTCC: team Halfords
WRC: Subaru
Cricket: England (of course)
American football: my brothers team, Buckeye Hawks (hes only 17) ive only just got into it, my local team are crap! http://www.plymouthadmirals.co.uk/

posted by  True_Brit


posted by  elchango36

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