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ok well a little background story to this rant. There is this one guy that we are no longer friends with anymore and he was always talking about our personal business with everybody that it doesn't concern (not even him). So he parked his car next to mine and one of my friends wrote "I suck, I have no gf" in the dirt of his car and he got mad. I later talked to him on aim and told him to stay out of our business and stop talking about us. He tells some of my friends and some other people that he is giong to tp my house and my friends house.

this morning I woke up at 5 to go to work and I saw the tp so I picked it up and was running a big late, but I can still make it to work. I make my way arond the driveway and my car was blocked by my moms suburban and when I saw my car I ****in flipped out he had put what I thought was baby powder on my car. Turns out it was flower and I ran back in the house and my mom asked me whats wrong I told her she said take her car and she will wash it off. she didn't take pictures of it, but when i came home I did.

it chipped off some of my friends paint and it left some scratches on his and well heres some pics of mine...





im sure it will come fully off with a couple of washes and some buffing. He and his friends left the reciept so were going to go to the police station and see if we can get a written paper to view the cameras of the place he got the stuff from and maybe get him for vandalism. end rant:cussing: :cussing: :banghead: :banghead:

posted by  salimander13

That is TOTAL Bullshit, I don't care WHAT your problem is with one another, you DON'T vandalize someone's property, ESPECIALLY their car!. How do you knwo what store he got it from to get tapes of it? Good luck man... But I'll tell ya, if he gets away with it... baseball bat.... plus headlights and tail-lights.... or just get him alone out of school and beat the total and complete shit out of him.

posted by  Pythias1

the receipt had all the information, what he bought, what time they got it, what day, what store, what number....

posted by  salimander13

.... WHAT IDIOTS! lmfao, I misread that at first, definitely take that to the police, and see if u can get the video from teh store ASAP.... take him to civil court and make him pay for your paint job!

posted by  Pythias1

Dude, that sucks!! At least it wasn't anything permanent. I agree though, destroying someone's property is pretty cowardly. Sue him for as much as you can. This guy sounds pretty stupid, so even if you lose the case, don't fight him because he'll probably just keep doing stupid stuff.

posted by  chris_knows

Clean your car, keep your mouth shut and live. Bitches and fags sue over minor sh*t like that. Just don't mention it...AT ALL. If you see him, politely tell him you didn't appreciate what he did without arguing with him.

posted by  Monsta

Wow that sucks, I hope you can come up with something better than suing him though (chris).

Whats the deal with Pythias1?

posted by  Mathew

:screwy: So the kid shouldn't pay for damaging his property? Especially at the possiblity of the less than 6 month old paint job on the car? That seems like the stupidest advice I'v EVER heard anyone give someone, ever.

posted by  Pythias1

I made a thread about it, I got banned for posting multiple threads even though I emailed Cliffy about ti. :banghead:

posted by  Pythias1

So...you're actually just Pythias?

edit: Oh, sorry I didn't read the thread...

posted by  Mathew

Didn't you read...

No damage.
You will only piss cops off by making them write up a report over childish "tp'ing" and "flouring" with no damages. And if he seeks payment for the work he had to do picking up the TP and buffing out the flour, he will have to go to months and months of court appearances. And then more months and months of getting his payment. It isn't worth it. The suspect will probably get a warning, or at worse....a restraining order...how gay considering the months and months and months of foolishness that could have easily been settled out of court. Don't clog the court system for TP and flour.

It would be easier for everyone if Salimander expressed himself to the boy without anger and they all dropped it.

posted by  Monsta

I agree with Monsta, it's not worth going to the police for. Afterall you were once friends with this guy, also your friends wrote insults on his car first. By going to the police you'll probably piss him off even more and could do something worst to your car.

posted by  fudge

Why would someone flour someone else's car? What is the objective?

What does it do, is what I am asking.

posted by  Bronxie

Who cares if the Cops get pissed off? God forbid they might have to put the doughnuts down for a few hours to take his statement...If that's what your legal system has come to, I really wouldn't wanna be victim to a more serious crime! Ok, fair enough, the damage to the ex-friends car might be worse (writing in dirt on paint staines the paint and is a nightmare to wash out!), you didn't actually write on it....:thumbs:

Sorry to hear about the car...:banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

write to Judge Judy :pop:

posted by  jaydez

how do you know you didnt damage his paint when you wrote in the dirt on his car, could have scratched his paint, i think ya should call it even cause you started the whole damn car deal.:2cents:

posted by  adamc44

Is Judge Judy even around still??? Anyways, that really freakin sucks about your car. Your old "friend" probably thinks an eye for an eye and feels flouring your car was good revenge. My advice, seeing no real damage was done to your car, just chalk it up as lesson learned, don't mess with peoples stuff or they might retaliate. hope it comes off for you. : )

posted by  smiley100480

it was on his window, people write "wash me" all the time on their OWN cars

posted by  salimander13

this is not just replying to you but for all similar post's. Hes the one who talked shit on us and about our private lives to everyone. my friend wrote the message not me or my other friend who he did this to. I just told him to stay out of our business online and this is what he does. I did nothing but tell him to stay out of our lives. I'm not going to go down politely because I did nothing wrong and I got ****ed over by it. Heres how I see it, I can either go to the police to see what measures I can take or I can kick his ass and **** his property up. I'm taking the more lawful way to do it. Its not only my car its my friends. I just got done washing the car and they did scratch the paint and chip it.

posted by  salimander13


posted by  Pythias1

hey, i totally understand for you wanting to do something about it. i would want to kick ass as well. but if you need to do something, i agree that going about things the lawful way, is the smartest. kicking his ass may make you feel better and damaging his property, but then lord knows what would come back on you. especially if he's as ratty as you say. and it is unfair that you had to pay for your friends actions.

posted by  smiley100480

It seems you are contradicting yourself.:screwy:

posted by  thefonz

There's an exception to every rule. Ie if someone else starts it, you finish it.

posted by  Pythias1

... and so on and so forth

(see, there, i finished it for him :laughing: )

posted by  starscream0

Hmm...I'm pretty sure that's not everyone's worst fear.:wink2:

Messing with anyone's anything is...retarded to say the least. As far as what you should do about it, do whatever you feel compelled to do...:mrgreen:

posted by  67Coronet383

well you're suppose to make intriguing titles to catch the reader's attention. Then you use descriptive structured sentences to keep their focus. Although I dont write up to my english potential on this forum, I felt the dramatic title suited fine.

posted by  salimander13

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