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to those that came in here to read this post, u probably know wat series im talking about. to those that dont but like anime, watch it ffs!!

anyhow, ive been remodeling my myspace.com account all over again. the old style just looked a bit too colorfull. so now, im basing it on stuff i seriously like.

ive been looking for a wallpaper and i thought a Hellsing one would be perfect. thing is, they are all about Alucard or Seras (not that i have anything against it, but i always root for the underdog bad guy). so i want a wallpaper of the catholic preacher guy (yea the human regenerator). think his name was Anderson. anyhow, there's one picture in which he has the inscripture on his glove written in huge letters in the background (Jesus Christ is in Heaven). does anyone at all have that picture WITHOUT him being in the front? i ask cuz i have that picture WITH him covering the letters and i wanted to do something with the message first. u'll see once i find it or someone finds it for me and then someone with photoshop can do me the favor of editing it.

click HERE (http://www.anime-wallpapers.ws/anime/hellsing/slides/hellsing_32_1024.htm) to see the pic. too big to upload as attachment.

posted by  Inygknok

hmm... ill see what i can find... im quite a big anime fan myself, so ill see what i can do:thumbs:

posted by  starscream0

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