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well im still trying to remodel my myspace account, but i keep having issues with the table background im using. in the dark areas, light fonts kick ass, but then when the letters get to the light areas, only dark fonts show up. r2.jpg

can anyone with some good photoshop skills work the picture and make it darker in general, and also, if possible, make the eye (the sharingan) a bit more reddish (blood-red style)?

posted by  Inygknok

actually, even better. found out we've got microsoft picture editor thing here in college. so if someone with photoshop could do me the favor of clearing up the scar-like effect just inside the eye (no, not the 3 points and the middle iris, just the scars all around the red stuff) then that would be awesome.

posted by  Inygknok
something like this you mean or do you want the scar-like-things actually in the red area removed?:screwy:
course i'm not that experienced with Photoshop:doh:

posted by  Bubba

i actually meant the scar-like pattern INSIDE the eye, not the actual scar outside. voda (i think) knew how to use photoshop pretty well.... though i havent seen him around.

i thought about it, and was trying out wat i did in my myspace and thought it'd be best if i just took the scar, along with the eye and put it in a white square. only the inside of the eye would have a color other than black and white.

how to explain........... ok, take the scar, and the eye (the whole thing, not just the sharingan) and put it on a white background (100% white), without any of the scar-like effects. then just darken out everything that's grey or black.

dunno if that made any sense. if not, ill do an example with paint to see if i get my point across :orglaugh:

posted by  Inygknok

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