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Thinking about getting one, but I know next to nothing about them. I've done some research and from what I understand, since it'll be for a laptop, it pretty much has to be an external USB one. Where I get confused is what does it pick up (satellite signals or cable signals or whatever without being plugged into a jack)? Also, would I be able to pick up HD signals supposing I didn't have to pay anything past the cost of the video cards? Any input is appreciated!

I've been looking around and saw something about express cards, but I think they only get analog signals...

posted by  chris_knows

Super Bump!!...That proves it, I know so much about cars, I've stumped everyone on the forums :laughing: JP.

posted by  chris_knows

Sorry I work too much: d=1157068455221

Very good, small capture device. Coworker bought it and is very pleased. IF you have free to air Hd you just get a antenna (~$10) nd you can pull the signal, otherwise plug cable in

posted by  Voda48

Thanks...It looks like what I was looking for. Thanks :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

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