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I have a question for Mac users, my grandparents are looking for a new computer and i suggested the Mac mini, i use them in school and i love them, i just wanted to know about the compatibility, For example if she gets a email with a microsoft word document attached can she open it? this the right computer for her?(she is a professional artist so she will use all the "artistic" aspects of the Apple)

Any help or sugestions are appreciated Thank you

posted by  pulp_fiction

Apple computers have been running Microsoft Office for years (they say it in the commercials lol)...

posted by  chris_knows

i guess i should start paying attention to commercials

posted by  pulp_fiction

I was also going to get a mac mini and did a little research on them. they are perfectly fine computers, and very small. but the down side is there is really no were you can go with them, what I mean is that you will have a hard time upgrading it because it is so small.

I would do a power mac g5, or you can do an imac g5. both of those are pretty new good stuff, the imac is like a computer monitor all in one, super easy to set up, and the power mac is like a regular computer, and monitor.

check out for more info on that.

posted by  azkid110

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