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Guys I have recently began spending next to NO money. Im doin it because I have some plans for the car before spring and right afterwards I will be building a completely new engine for it and If I keep goin the way I am with saving Ill be right on schedule for having the Z28 and Miata ready. Well i found the best way for me to not spend money on anythign but my car is to play videogames. I got FF XII and I just didnt like it to much. I mean its a great game but Its just not what I like from the FF series so I went back to its turning point and replayed FF7.

I fell right back in love, A long time ago right before the final boss fights I went to save and during saving someone came in and stepped on the PSx and turned it off trashing my memory card so I restarted and I LOVE this game. Its so fun and compelling. I am once again addicted to it. Just seein if I could get some FF7 love in here

Oh i forgot to mention I just realized i Have to mint, black label copies of the game and they are goin for well over 100 bucks on ebay. YAY fun and well invested

posted by  Enthusiast

Yeah ff7 is one of my favourite games, i think if they re-released it with the latest graphics a lot of people would buy it.

The bad thing is I dont have the time to get into ff games these days...ah well.

Though to satisfy my boredem atm I play metal gear soild, another good series, i love it, i'm playin the second one atm.

posted by  GreekWarrior

im one of those people who absolutely hate the series!!!
i like ghost recon and call of duty!!!:laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

I thought you were on about Fatal Fury:doh:

Lately I'm hooked on Streets Of Rage 2:laughing: Gotta get myself a GP2X soon!!

posted by  fudge

I personally don't like the FF series, I did play FF7 though, and in its day it was very advanced!

posted by  Cliffy

I wasn't really into RPG's, except for Earthbound lol, for SNES. I do however like to replay Super Mario World 2, Yoshi's Island, which in my opinion is the best game ever made.

posted by  Mathew

FF7 and X-2 (just for Yuna). my all time faves! another favorite RPG has to be Mario RPG (damn it was awesome) and Star Ocean 2.

But Silent Hill will always be my favorite series.... until they make a video game about Saw :thumbs:

posted by  Inygknok

I agree about Silent Hill, but I never did complete SH3, lol. I'm more of a Resident Evil fan though!

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah I used to play it a lot. Went through it twice. Second time I went through it when I finished the game I had the added special characters, all players on level 99, everyone had all their materia fully matured, 4xcut for everyone (level 99 + 4xcut = 9999 X 4 damage in one turn) Nights of the round summon, double sumon, dbl magic, xitem, ect, ect. With nights of the round paired with double summon, and phenox paired with the Final Attack materia (on everyone) I beat both Weapons fairy easily. Awesome game. I have 7,8,9,10, and 10-2.

7, 10, and 10-2 are the best.

posted by  67Coronet383

I think that they are....I've got a trailer from what looks like E3, with the beginning CGI movie only in better graphics.

posted by  Godlaus

Ah ok awesome. :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I'm going to rent SH4 on Wednesday. video ave. has those specials on mondays and wednesdays. its the only one i havent had the time to complete yet.

still, i never got the final true ending in SH1, i think i missed one ending as well in SH2, and i only completed SH3 twice (had to return the game). only played about 15 minutes of SH4.

as for resident evil, i stopped being a hardcore fan once different games started coming out in different systems and ruined my record of having played them all.

posted by  Inygknok

I've never played SH4, I don't know why, as it's supposed to be a great game!....I can't find it in the shops now, either!....maybe I'll try Ebay :ohcrap:

As for the RE series, I seem to recall Capcom saying they were only going to produce new games for Nintendo after the release of Code Veronica.....This is a mystery to me, as they are still being made for Sony as far as recent events have shown! I've never played any of the 1st person, survivor or outbreak games though...they just never appealed to me!

posted by  Cliffy

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