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i had a day out today! really exciting! at work the other day, i had this customer who came to collect his parcel and i noticed the car he was driving a TVR Sagaris, so i commented it saying that it looked awesome in the colour, it was a multi tone blue! he said that day that hell take me out in it! so we agreed on today, he picked me up and he asked me where i wanted to go so i said "Falmouth" which is where my dad does his delivery round!!!
in his van at a steady pace (around 90mph) he would do the
distance (70miles) in about 1hr15mins with good traffic!
today, we did it in 50 mins doing a steady 135mph, 150 at one point!
i dont have a pic to show you but i do have a map of where i went! 0.39250&lon=-4.11460&lat=50.39250&place=Plymouth%2C%20Admin%20Area&db=freeg az&scale=1000000&search_result=Plymouth%2C%20Admin%20Area&lang=&keepicon=tr ue
(falmouth is in the left of cornwall, we started in plymouth, thats also a map of our area coverage)

posted by  True_Brit

Sounds like a pretty sweet day lol...Take some pics if you see him again!! lol.

posted by  chris_knows

damn, that is a sick car

one of my top 10 favorites

sucks that the fastest thing Ive ever ridden in was probably my dad's camaro

(A little slower then the sagaris, and albeit less intense as well)

posted by  nighthawk

Sounds like you had a great day! I assume the colour is that sort of pearlescent color that sort of changes?...Lovely colour :drool:

posted by  Cliffy

yeah, sort of lighter blue the closer to you it is!

posted by  True_Brit

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