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My name is David and I am a college journalism professor teaching a feature writing for magazines class. I have a student writing a feature story on billboards and would like to get responses for her on the following questions. Any feedback would be greatly greatly appreacited:

What benefit dto billboards have for those who drive across the country on a regular basis?

What are your favorite billboards?

What are your least favorite?

How do you feel about billboards that project political, religious or other nonprofit service messages?

Please send any replies asap to my email at , as her final manuscript is due by Monday of next week. I'd love to pass along responses she might use for her project. Thanks so much.

David Levy
Assist. Prof. of Journalism
Wright College
Chicago, IL

posted by  David2

I see no need for the email address, if you want responses you'll have to come here for them. Having said that, I doubt you'll be back, God forbid you'd have to take ten minutes out of your busy schedule, Dave. Not exactly advertising, but pretty a pretty close call!

posted by  Cliffy

Why is this posted here???

posted by  smallangryneon

I moved it here from the General Chat section, as it paid no relevence to cars....

posted by  Cliffy

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