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My system specs are:

pentium 4 3.06GHz, 1Gb ram, Nvidia Geforce 4 MX4000 128mb. 80gb ide hard disk.

My problem is, when i start nfs carbon i can't see anything, words are not clear they all look like long boxes. The cars cannot be seen either its just an outline filled with the colour white. I have never incountered this problem with the other nfs games, most wanted included, they all ran smoothly without any problems. Could you guys please help because reinstalling it didn't help no matter how many times i did it.:ohcrap: :smoke:

posted by  speeder

U gotta get a better GFX card ...

posted by  an_talpur

A. Do you have the latest Forceware version? (93.71)

B. Do you meet the minimum requirements? Only weak spot seems to be the GFX card...

posted by  Mathew

I checked the minimum specs, and my system is way above those specs. they say that minimum requirement for graphic cards are nVidia GeForce 4 and above. My card is Geforce 4. I download the latest version of directx and latest driver updatebut still nothing. Maybe geforce4 MX4000 is not supported in this game.:ohcrap::smoke:

posted by  speeder

Right click My Computer, hit Properties, click the Hardware Tab, click Device Manager, double click Display Adapters, right click on your video card and press properties, then click the Driver tab. What does it say beside driver version?

posted by  Mathew

I really don't understand this. I have never had a problem with any other games evwn gtr 2 , battlefront2 and San andreas.

posted by  speeder

Yeah, but sometimes the simplest way to get a game working is to update the drivers. In fact, its likely the first thing in the game's troubleshooting guide is "make sure you have the latest drivers".

So uninstall your Nvidia drivers and install the new ones... you have windows XP, and its definitely an nVidia card? I just dont want to be responsible for hurting your PC...

posted by  Mathew

I'm quite an experienced user mate. don't worry. It is an nvidia card and yes i'm running xp.
I tried updating the driver but it's not working .:smoke:

posted by  speeder

Well, updating dirvers won't solve ur problem actually i does sometime but as u u've got MX4000 then i must say u have to get better GFX card for running NFS carbon !

posted by  an_talpur

Alright, sorry. Good luck then...

posted by  Mathew

the game say's geforce4 ti or better the mx 4000 isn't thats your problem had the same thing happen here too

posted by  tiburongt04

I went shopping for graphic cards and came across three that are in my budget.

Geforce nVidia fx5500 256mb
Geforce nVidia asus 5500 256 mb
ATI radeon 9550 256 mb

can any of these play nfs carbon? and which one is worth buying.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

What's your budget? There may be better ones out there...those are quite old and low end...

posted by  Mathew

Well i don't live in the US so things are expensive in my country....

The ati radeon which is by far the most expensive is about my budget limit.

Like i said i only found three that are right. 256 mb is good enough right??
i mean right now i have a geforce 4 mx4000 128mb so these cards should be a major improvement right????

Are any of these cards capable of running carbon.

The more recent and powerful cards run into twice my budget and i don't wanna blow my christmas cash on a silly card to play games on.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

^Well, yes they all are capable of running NFS carbon but dun expect BEST graphics wid those GFX cards...Gud luck:thumbs:

posted by  an_talpur

my prob is that i installed the game on my bro laptop and its has all the requirments and the display memory is 128 but when i run the game its says that an error has occured and u kno the rest....send report or dont send
so i hope u guys can help me.
thx alot

posted by  hayan 4 life

It should work on a laptop...Works on mine with pretty high settings.

posted by  chris_knows

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