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Well I had my "office" christmas party (i work at a car dealership, in the shop, not really an office) last weekend. I must say it was boring as hell. I was at the one last year and it was pretty fun, but this one just dragged on. And nothing funny happened. Something funny is supposed to happen. So yeah, pretty lame.

Except that they had 10 prizes, and I won the second best one. A night's accomodation at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. Worth about $550. :D

posted by  Mathew

Why didn't you do something interesting? lol...If there was alcohol, by the end of the party I'd be drunk and probably dancing on tables :laughing:

Congrats on the prize though :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

Eh...mines on Friday. I work for a small buisness, maybe a dozen employees at any given time. These are generally boring, and it's at a restaurant, so no booze for me. My boss will likely try to hook me up this a co-worker that HATES me, which will likely be the highlight of my night because I play along, and for some reason thats funny to me.

posted by  giant016

Sounds like the Office on NBC (US version)

posted by  witty gp

I was thinking about starting a thread on this yesterday, lol. I had my Christmas party yesterday night. It was ok, but nothing special. We went to a Bar/Restaurant in Croydon (South London). The event cost me £22 for a three course meal without drinks, and I wouldn't have paid more than £10 ideally, as that was all it was worth in my opinion! The drinks were expensive too (£3.20 for a pint!), and we didn't drink enough. As a rule I like to get absolutely rat faced at these events....instead I only had 3-pints....Of not the best beer in the world, lol. In future I'd prefer just to go out and get pissed for the works party, lol. I paid more than everybody else, too, as the Lottery syndicate winnings paid for the majority of everybody's meals, but I had no part in the winnings as I havn't been there that long, and as such have only been in the syndicate for about 2-months. Basically everybody else paid £5.50 for their meals...I paid £22.00 :ohcrap:

Sorry fo hijacking the thread....

posted by  Cliffy

ill be going to mine soon (23rd of december) and ill be making it a fun night, ill turn up in my flourescent trousers (yellow) and vest (orange)! and i will get shattered! (again)

posted by  True_Brit

You're wearing your work clothes? lol

posted by  Cliffy

hell yeah, green polo shirt, green combat trousers, work shoes (steelies), green cap and my flourescents!
ill show up nicely in a club with those flashing lights etc:laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

Ha! I wouldn't have even gone if I had to pay for my food/booze lol...

posted by  Mathew

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