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My wife asked me tonight what I wanted for Christmas. Joking; I said "a PSP" knowing we can't really afford it. We made the decision to only spend about $200 on each other this year; since we seem to be on a tighter budget. We usually buy each other smaller stuff, so that we have several gifts to open. Now that I have been working a part-time job as a phone operator at a local hotel; my checks are going to help with the Christmas fund. Along with this new job comes times when there aren't any call and leaves nothing to do. One of the other Op's on another shift takes a Nintendo DS, so I started thinking of getting a PSP just to take to work. My wife asked me how much they run, and I told her $199.99 & $249.99 for a bundle. Then she asked if I am going to be able to handle getting 1 gift for Christmas. It really doesnt bother me at all, because my birthday is Dec. 20th (next Wed.), so I get gifts then too. If I don't get it for Christmas; I can always get it after with one of my checks. Anyway what do you think, or should I get a DS or something else?

posted by  DakotaDave

I definately wouldn't get a DS. from what I've seen they're rubbish! My Brother has a PSP and it seems good. I've never really been one for the handhelds, but if ever there was a good choice, that would be it! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I'm pretty sure that the PSP can be plugged into a TV and you play there. Not sure how it works though.

posted by  chris_knows

I wouldn't get the DS or the PSP if I were you. I had a PSP not long ago (got one at launch) and decided to sell it when it's still worth something, seeing as to how it was a major disappointment.

posted by  Newspeak

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