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Might be an interesting thread, what did ya'll get for your girlfriend/boyfriend for the holiday?

posted by  99integra

I find this thread inappropriate and prejudiced to the extreme.........Alright, fine I don't have a girlfriend :ohcrap:


posted by  chris_knows

I got her this...
I wish she looked that good in it.:wink2:

posted by  elchango36

I don't have a grilfriend atm.....but if I did I'd give her my d*ck in a box. :wink2: :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior


posted by  Bronxie


hehehe :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

lets implement a rule here.....

all those that show sexy things they got for their girlfriends MUST and HAVE to show pictures of her wearing it..... else, por mi madre y que me parta un rayo........ we wont talk to u for a week!

posted by  Inygknok

Exactly! :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I bought Michael an XBOX 360 and some pants from Aeropostale. I was going to buy him a game to go with his xbox but he's picky about games and god forbid I pick something he doesnt like lol

posted by  SyntheticTrust

By my mother and who divides a ray to me? :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

hehe, it's a hispanic saying... usually when our moms are about to lay the smack down on us.

proper translation (that would make sense) would be something like:
By my mother and may a thundertbolt strike me.

we tend to use words and change their meaning around a bit....

posted by  Inygknok

Video games are so juvenile

(plays madden)

posted by  Bronxie

That's what I tell him all the time! When we first started dating I almost left him cause he'd ALWAYS play PS2. ... However, I'd rather him play stupid video games than be out partying or smoking pot to pass time.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Just tell him the truth. Video games give a false sense of accomplishment. Presumably he's at an age now where he needs to be accomplishing and prospering. Video games provide the illusion that you are indeed doing that.

I stopped playing them a while ago :X

posted by  Bronxie

I don't know about you, but video games make me feel important...See, when I'm playing CS, I am a counter-terrorist. I am a hero. Those pixels on the screen that create a terrorist really are a terrorist and he is trying to take away our freedom. :laughing: JP

posted by  chris_knows

My thoughts EXACTLY:wink2:

posted by  elchango36

Ugh you know you f*cked up when you say that :ohcrap: :laughing:

And i probably should say what i got mi chula, i got her a bracelet wit her name engraved in script on a heart thingy, $50 :doh:

posted by  99integra

This is the gift that my fiancé and I got each other:


61' Samsung DLP... :drool: But we aren't going to open it until we get a place, so it will sit in the box for a year.

posted by  Voda48

I'd die knowing that there's a plasma T.V. waiting for me for a year! lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I have a samsung plasma in my room that looks like that, but it's 42" only :(

posted by  Bronxie

i dont know if this counts but.....

for a few months now, i have had this new neighbor which i just find stunningly beautiful. not hot, not cute, not attractive, BEAUTIFUL. its a certain type of.... attraction that i find extremely rare for me to find. its astonishing really.

anyhow, before i start babbling on like i do with my best friend on a daily basis about her.... as i have said before, i broke up with my ex-gf and managed to part ways with her for once. still, that new girl in the condo moved in before that had happened, so i couldnt ask her out. yet, she had my attention since day 1.

truth is, im not even sure of her name.... never really have the chance to talk to her for a while cuz her mom drives her around and she needs to go. that, or i have to go. since mid-november, i have been thinking on how to approach her and to ask her on a date, and then 2 days ago it hit me. instead of trying to act all suave, etc. with her, just do wat i do best: be myself.

this is how i got my ex-gf to fall in love with me. i simply sent her an email saying: hey dumbass, i really liked u. why dont u give me a call whenever u can?. thats it. of course, this time around, i was actually pretty nice in wat i was saying, but i kept it "me".

so if this counts, i guess that i would be giving the "new girl" a box of chocolates, a funny letter, and myself (whoop dee doo :thumbs:). we'll see wat happens tomorrow when she wakes up and gets on the minivan to go for a ride with her mother.

posted by  Inygknok

Have you gotten over your ex yet? You mention her in every f*cking post.

You may not agree with my opinion but....You approach girls much differently than I.

To me, your approach makes you look insecure, needy, young, and unsure of yourself. Oh, and weird. And you aren't a challenge. You're letting them know they got you and that you don't expect much. A pretty girl doesn't have to try for you. How do you know you like them if you haven't dated them yet? Because they're pretty? F*ck that. That bitch has to have more than prettiness for me to like her. A girl could look like Jessica Simpson, but if she acts like Jessica Simpson, she will not get a continuing relationship with me....but she can catch the d*ck. You don't really know what they're like until you date them.

I would say:
*eye contact*
"Hey, you look nice. I'm ----, we haven't met."....or I may change the last part to....".....why haven't we met?"
I'd keep the convo short and ask for her number with a future invitation to hang with me. None of that "call me please" non sense. Asking a girl to call you first takes a women out of her learned role...thus making her more of the man and you more the girl. It may work sometimes, but most women don't like this.

Learn more of what is expected of a man and develope a controlled ego and you will get more chicks and forget the ex. Confidence goes far.

posted by  My Life, My Era

Thats complete and utter bullshit. Video games are entertainment, amongst many other things. People who divulge into them all too often and make it a lifestyle would fit under that category.

You stopped playing them because of personal choice. It has little to do with you "accomplishing and prospering" because I can assure that you haven't done anything credit worthy since.

posted by  DSMer

How can you assure me that I haven't done anything credit worthy since?

It's not bull shit. Just cause you still play them doesn't mean you need to throw a fit.

posted by  Bronxie

yea, im over my ex-gf, but not over the fact that she wont give me back some of my stuff that i really need. plus, she calls from time to time and it gets annoying.

second, u make it seem as if i have never done the "hey, gimme yer # so we can talk a bit more later on and stuff". in fact, i didnt even leave my # in the christmas card. all i said was, "hey, maybe we can meet up later and hang out" along with some good christmas wishes for her and her family.

i dont want "more chicks", thats wat gets me into trouble in the first place. hell, to be honest, ive been trying to get with this other girl i know for 3 weeks i know, but she still doesnt let go of her boyfriend. she says she cant cuz of already having spent 3 and a half years with him.... and thats it really. no its not something *I* said, its wat she says each time and then cries. so i dont even mention it. im just not in the mood to sit down and wait around for her, so im looking into other options and my neighbor is a great one. in fact, this one (Marie, cuz soon its not gonna make any sense), i got her # just fine and call her up most of the time (and yes bronxie, i was the first one). although shes shy, so sometimes i make her call me instead.

there was a third girl..... but she lives all the way in the southern part of the island while i live in the north. i dated a girl like that once..... fun trips with the Supra, but not worth it for any girl IMO. and she wasnt that cute....

btw bronxie, i may sound superficial, but thats how i am. if i find a girl attractive phisically, of course im gonna be interested. if she turns out to be a..... well, not a "bad person". aha, just not "proper" for me, i simply stay as a friend. a few years ago, i wouldnt have given a damn, but i guess i finally learned my lesson. if the girl is a complete bitch, just keep her ring tone as the friends one.

also, u kinda didnt read correctly. i never said i had never met my neighbor... hell, shes my neighbor. everyone in this damn condo knows me. i just havent met her like i would like to, which is why either today or tomorrow, depending if i go out, ill wait for her at the lobby, or ask her dad whens she getting back.

and let me tell u a bit about confidence..... each year in college, i do the same ritual. i only do this if the class is filled with new people i dont know, since it would be pointless with people i already know like in the engineering classes. i always go up to each single person, wether a guy or a girl, and say hi to them and ask for their names. as an added prank, i either write a note on the "marker" board (white board i guess?) or just simply tell them that they must introduce themselves to me outloud. one of the 3 spanish professors even made me stand up in front of class and introduce myself. she thought i hated doing that..... i love it!

so yea, i guess i disagree with u :thumbs:

PS: bah, this was a good moment to get serious and type it all out with correct spelling.... upset me again and i promise ill do it :wink2:

EDIT: forgot to comment on the whole video game thing. i dont know how u think that video games make people feel accomplishments... well for some they do, but to each his/her own. still, if thats your excuse for not playing anymore video games, wouldnt that mean that u were starting to feel "accomplished" for playing them?

i know i dont feel accomplished in life, just accomplished in the game. hell, i bet everyone who plays a game and completes a mission or something feels a bit of accomplishment for doing it, even if it's just in-game wise.

video games were made to entertain and to have fun. i personally have bundles of fun playing mario kart on the GC. little kids game, but hella fun with 4 players. else, ill go play halo and laugh my ass off like i always do for some reason (bodies flying everywhere just gets to me).

u know bronxie, i like u (in a non-cliffy way, merry christmas cliffy :smoke:), but sometimes u do tend to spread your opinion as if it was warm butter. it is part of your attitude, which i respect, but sometimes i feel as if u dont even bother thinking about it, or how to share it with others.

oh and dsmer, come on man. its christmas day! stop swearing at him so much :wink2: :2cents:

yes, i am in a very good mood today!

posted by  Inygknok

This isn't Bronxie young blood. And I seriously don't agree with most of your approach towards women.

posted by  My Life, My Era

LOL! my sincerest apologies What. guess that'll teach ME not to reply when i have only spent 10 minutes awake :thumbs:. oh and bronxie, my bad for confusing u too :oops:

anyhow, ill agree to disagree with u What. wiiiiiiiiide awake now....

posted by  Inygknok

I'm so popular. Why didn't I get this treatment in HS?

posted by  Bronxie

I got 99integra a squigee. Does that count?

posted by  Godlaus

It only counts if you explain the joke to me lol..

posted by  chris_knows

I ain't ya bitch bro :wink2:

Plus i already have a squigee to dry my truck with thank you :laughing:

posted by  99integra

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