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I was just looking in to making money online. Now I for one am a BIG skeptic as far as this is concerned. I've always looked at anyone who says you can make easy money online with the utmost suspicion, mainly because the main money making shcemes I've stumbled upon are the PayPal schemes that spammers seem to like talking about, or those that need you to invest about £50 or so before you can get started. I tend to look at these as just scams because the people themselves are obviously making money from the gullible internet users who send them cheques :screwy:

The only way I can think of to legitimately make money online is through building a website/forum and advertising for companies through an iffiliate system. Does anyone here have any experience with this? I don't really want to get rich quick (although it would be nice, lol), I'm just after a little scheme to get the missus working! :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

i have a friend whos made money on the net, serious money in fact, hes just signed papers with macdonalds to open a McDonalds in the Phillipines! and itll be the first one there with a drive through, ive seen the papers and everything! i guess your wondering why the phillipines??? he got a mail order wife from there:laughing: (hes a bit of a loner!) but hes working at the courier depot as a way of dodging the taxman!!! he drives a mondeo here (ford contour to anyone out of the uk)he owns an 8 room house with maids over there! shame he wont let me into the secrets, apart from the fact that he did it selling computers on ebay!

posted by  True_Brit

Is she hot? Home-made porn is always an idea:hi: Actually, I've seen...uhhh...I mean heard that there are some pretty nasty looking chicks on the internet, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Step 1: Take naked pics of wife
Step 2:?
Step 3: PROFIT!

Actually I was looking into something to make money online as well. There are those survey sites, but the only legitimate one I could find will only give you a certain amount of surveys, most people are lucky to make $5 a year. My plan is to go to yard sales in the spring/summer, lowball people on their pairs of used, unmatching pairs of tubesocks, and chuck the crap on ebay.

posted by  giant016

the notorious "unfedfat" who runs this forum probably gets paid for it... hes got advertizing from other companies that probably pay off the monthly payments for keeping it up and running, and who knows some change in the pockets

posted by  mazda6man

UFF makes money on the ads at the top of the page (Courtesy of Google Ads)...

Giant, for the porn, it won't work. One person has to buy it and BAM it's all over the internet. lol

I've looked for internet money, but nothing really works...There was a website a member posted here that I can't remember, I had like $15 on it but you need $20 to be able to withdraw lol...

posted by  chris_knows

What did he do online to make that sort of money? I was thinking about Ebay myself....I was also considering making a Forum (leasing one) and gaining an income from advertisers, but it would need to be a big site before anybody would consider advertising with me!

posted by  Cliffy

ebay is a good way, but you have to be dedicated to it. I have my online T shirt and gift ship: and it makes a good side income for me, but you either have to be creative, or affiliate yourself with someone who is. I do all my own design work, so take all the profit. But I literally don't do anything but come up with the designs and wait for my checks.

It's not enough to stop working yet, but I could see how it could be.

posted by  ChrisV

No such thing as easy money.

Online is a good way to make $$ because it allows you to broadcast to millions of consumers without the high input costs and overhead of a real business.

That's what Bronxie does. Bronxie is smart.

posted by  Bronxie

Sell plots of land from the Moon or other planets. Some people might be stupid enough to fall for it.

posted by  fudge

I was about to buy a square mile (I think) of the moon for $60 but I was like 10 at the time and my dad wouldn't give me the money :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Well.... if you are any good at Texas Hold 'Em Poker you can make money. Me and my dad play it regularly together, and usually just break even, although we aren't as greedy/agressive as others are, and it depends on how good you are.... he made 4800$ last month in a 110$ buyy-in tournament, he finished 3rd. No bs no taxes, he simply paid 110$ to get in the tournament and made it to the top 3 and made 4800$.

posted by  Pythias

If you have no skills in poker, you could check out these sites (I asked at Yahoo Answers lol):

I wonder if it's possible for everyone to refer everyone else on here :laughing:

EDIT: Apparently, I already have an account with InboxDollars, from like 2 years ago lol.

If anyone wants to be referred, put chris_knows in the referrer username :mrgreen: lol.

posted by  chris_knows

give me the url i want to find a martian:stupid: lol

posted by  slurm6969

I really appreciate if anyone could let me know is it easy to find fresh and free list of online paid survey sites. are lists trusted or not?
I appreciate your help

posted by  Donald51

This is pretty good article ( l)about making money online.Go through it.

posted by  an_talpur

I actually made an order from cafepress a few months ago. All were Supra related clothes, and a tile (dunno why). They had a small issue shipping the things to me, to a point where the package kind of disappeared (?). Even so, the sales representative over the phone was kind enough to look everything up within a few minutes, verified my identity, and placed a completele new order for me, free of charge, no questions asked. The shipping was slow to PR, but he said it was in part UPS's fault (I took their word for it since they were so polite and diplomatic). So even if they screw up (or someone else other than them), they will pick up the slack and solve everything for you, without penalizing the client (you).

So cafepress is definitely a great place to go, both to make a business and to get yourself some extra goodies. One of the ladies from the supramania forums sells her stuff there (she was the one that showed me the site). I'm gonna have to have a look at ChrisV's list later on. Christmas is coming :thumbs:

posted by  Inygknok

I've sold a surprising amount of product out of the US, with Jaguar, Austin and VW designs going to England, and hot rod designs going to Australia and Sweden. As long as people stay away from the Value white shirts, the quality has been pretty good and yeah, they do work with people to make sure they are satisfied. Both buyers AND sellers.

posted by  ChrisV

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