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How Do you battle rap this guy when he can change into anyone?

posted by  MakeItRain

That's awesome...He did some of those on MadTV when he was still on, didn't he?

It sounds exactly like them though lol.

posted by  chris_knows

truthfully I don't now. I never really watched mad tv althought the episodes I did see were def funny. I'm a youtube's bad I'm all over that motha f*cker these days

posted by  MakeItRain

Pretty positive he is from MadTV.

Personally I hate the whole relm/world of that sort of scene with a passion, but that is an amazing talent.

posted by  67Coronet383

He was on MadTV but I think he left for some reason.

posted by  chris_knows

Probably a good move this guy is better than MadTv. I watched some of his stand up it's Hilarious

posted by  MakeItRain

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