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Are you ****ing kidding me. Allow me to list off what it is that's being done at my old high school this year, on it's ever-faster course to hell.

1. Check out this link to a newspaper article regarding my school: lay?slug=schooldesign08&date=20070108&query=newport+high

2. The cheerleading team has implemented an affirmitave action type program, where all entrants must be accepted to the team. This is due to complaints from parents about how only the popular, skinny, attractive girls make the team. Oh, and the same thing's being debated currently about the Prom/Homecoming royalty. More than likely the royalty and their court will be abolished.

3. The 'most likely' part of the yearbook is gone.

4. The football team has turned 'no-cut'

5. Last year, 30-40% of our senior prom was underclassmen. This year, it will definitely be more. I'm willing to bet it'll be around 50% in the next couple years

6. The vending machines no longer serve anything with more than 100 calories. This is a district wide change, too. Due to this new bill, the school store has been shut down, cutting off funds for the business classes.

7. A kid at the school has died every year for the last six years.


There's only one good thing that's helping to brighten the future. There's an alumni out there, who wishes to remain anonymous, who is incredibly rich. He/she regularly donates extreme amounts of money to the school. Due to his/her anonymity, nobody, even the district board, can meet or know him/her.

Naturally, a man/woman in his/her position has a lot of power over the school. The word on the streets is that he's gone stringent with his checkbook, until certain 'changes' have been reversed.


So, seeing as how we're mostly young ones on this forum, what hath thou say about your school/ past schools?

posted by  Godlaus

Well, my school didn't change that much over the four years I went, just added in a couple cameras for incident review(we had some issues with fighting and theft), so it was pretty good. They still haven't changed much, but then again, it was already a simplistic straight design, only two main hallways, all the classrooms branch off the smaller side hallway, so it's not hard for the teachers to spot problems.

That never solved the drug problem though....drug usage increased by about tenfold over the four years. I can't even name on one hand people in my graduating class who DIDN'T try some drug in the four years, and that was about 230 people.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Good luck with having to look at a 200lb girl in a TIGHT SHORT SKIRT! When I was a cheerleader for my school our team was choosen by TALENT.. I'm sorry but "bigger" girls can't do cheers as well as "smaller" girls.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

That's an narrow view. Maybe those "bigger" girls can do a cheer just as well, it's the flipping and shit that gets them. They certainly could have hacked it in our school lmao, we never had cheerleaders who do those flips and shit, just jumped around like idiots cheering. ****ing catholic school.

posted by  dodgerforlife

It may be a "narrow view" but most people want to look at cute little girls in those uniforms.. not big girls. It's reality.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Well thanks for pointing out the obvious.

posted by  dodgerforlife

my school wasnt too bad actually, 1 of 3 in my town i lived in (i went to 2 secondary schools, 1 bad, 1 good) and the only thing wrong was the "rival" school, would wait out side the gates and get ready for us!!!:laughing:
(but because we wore shirts and ties, some people would be rushed to a+e with serious 'tie' related injuries) but they replaced the vend machine with healthy snacks like packs of dried fruit and veg, rice crackers, fruit juices and smoothies etc etc, the canteen got rid of chips (fries) and pies etc and bought in curry, salad and fruit salads etc, most people left the school ground and went to the nearest Subway to get a delicous Sub (i for one did that alot!)
my other school was a complete different story! 2 people died in one year! (one was thrown out of the 3 floor window, another was set on fire with ethanol in the chemistry class (oh the chemistry class, what fun!)

posted by  True_Brit

I don't think it's a narrow view. Anyone don't believe me? Close your eyes and picture a cheerleader. What comes to mind? A 300 lbs fat chick who barely fits in her uniform or a skinny ditsy gorgeous girl who's all about school spirit, fundraisers, and dating the football quarterback? Which would you rather have cheering?

posted by  elchango36

i wont mention! (joke:laughing: )well, the fat one didnt appear in my thought!

posted by  True_Brit

As an observer from another country, I only see the US through expurgated televison shows, movies, news programs and the internet forums.

Thank goodness people like you give us outsiders a different slant on things. Your generation is going to have some pretty heavy duty decisions to make in the future, trying to balance the failure of multiculturalism with individual rights. At the moment it appears the majority are being fortressed by the minority who strike fear with impunity. I mean diluting your freedoms in favour of not offending people who would pull the rug from under you in a heartbeat doesn't seem right, does it?

posted by  Wally

I have no idea what has updated at my school besides the football program...which isn't better, but due to MTV, the program gets more recognition. I would have been nice to start in a nationally televised highschool football game.

posted by  My Life, My Era

You see it and don't even live here. When I graduated in 05 things were going downhill. The state banned dodgeball and all other games where the object was to hit somebody with a ball. They took all of the vending machines out a few years before I graduated, yet still sold 10 different kinds of ice cream bars in the cafeteria. Without going into detail our last principal was a total pussy/tool who went crazy about anything that could be construed as harrassment. Luckily all our teams still cut people, and our cheerleaders were hot.

posted by  giant016

We face the same issue in Canada, the minority groups seem to have more power then the majority here, because they always pull the race card, and bitch. It's a rather annoying trend, and I would like to see it stop. I have no qualms about them celebrating their own religions or traditions, but please defer to the majority. I mean, learn our languages, and tolerate our religions. We don't recognize chinese, or arabic, or any other languages as an official language. Speak them at home, or at appropriate places, but don't expect us to learn it as well. As for religion, Canada was founded on Catholicism, and we celebrate Christmas, and it is a nationally recognized holiday. However, it's no longer politically correct to say "Merry Christmas" to someone, because the minority groups who don't celebrate Christmas got offended. And that's just one example out of many.

It's sad and wrong that they(the minority) have control over what we(the majority) do.

posted by  dodgerforlife

precisely i can only assume you were being facetious when talking about the ability to "cheer"

posted by  windsonian

Well if you want to stop the process you guys are going to have to fight for it. Which means setting up a power block of voters and protestors who are more interested in the national interest than that of misfits. It's no coincidence that nations built on christian values, english rule of law and enterprise are the wealthiest. Nothing is going to happen if everyone sits on their arse waiting for the second coming of Christ to put things back in perspective.

posted by  Wally

I have no idea what you mean.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

He's saying that you weren't actually talking about the ability to cheer, just how they look in the uniforms.

posted by  dodgerforlife

I thought he was referring to the "ability" to cheer. And a useful "ability" it is. "Talent" when defined in cheerleader terms is usually an abbreviation for "blows the football coach and swallows" or something of that nature. "Cheerleader" is also defined as "someone who's life has peaked in high school or college and is all downhill from there" or sometimes "going to be a fat middle-aged secretary". Your pick. :wink2:

posted by  vwhobo

thats ucks man. washington schools are begining to turn down hill

posted by  mazda6man assume it's just cheerleaders who can't use it? :laughing:

I left school back in 1999. Before everybody became obsessed with only giving kids healthy food in the canteen (thank God!). We had the choice of healthy food, but junk food tastes sooo much nicer, lol. My school was a typical RC school (Roman Catholic....not remote controlled....:laughing: ), most of the teachers were okay, although I didn't think so at the time, and the general atmosphere was good....again, I didn't see this at the time, lol. It was actually graded as one of the best schools in the area, too!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The school days are the best of your life! I have this point of view when I was at school (who does?), but I'd love to be able to turn back time and try a little (lot) harder!.....and thoughs 6th formers...:drool: :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

That sounds pretty harsh. I thought our school sucked, but all we've got are security cameras (most of which aren't in areas where crimes/fights occur) lol...They serve so many unhealthy things, probably because if they didn't, we have a Little Caesar's, Tim Horton's and Burger King within walking distance.

That's almost as far out there as those people offering that teachers carry guns, and students use bullet-proof text books. lol

The education system has gone to shit. Teachers give marks for nothing, people still don't do any of their work, and they do what they want. I'm personally for re-instilling the paddle. I'd probably get hit pretty often too, but it would be beneficial.

Affirmative action is fine, but I don't think it should be called that. I think everyone should be considered as the same skin colour. That's going to end up happening eventually too (everyone will have the same skin colour lol). However, by not rejecting kids while they're still young, they think it's feasible to live in the O.C. and they end up becoming addicted to Zoloft after realizing it's not.

Our school doesn't allow cheerleaders at all, there are tryouts for sports though. However, the point of a cheerleader is to excite the crowd and pump them up before/during the game. I think the most interesting part of a cheer is the jumps, flips, handstands, etc.

I think that covers all of my views on everything in this thread...

posted by  chris_knows

Except the part about blowing the coach.


I always wanted to say that.

posted by  vwhobo

I've seen enough videos to know that's always good. However, the team would be coached by a female teacher. Actually, if we had a cheer leading team, I'd join it too...Then I could take place of the teacher gym coach head. Oh man, that's going in my top-tens list :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

I see nothing wrong with the snack machines being replaced with healthier foods. If Americans would quit stuffing their pieholes with fatty foods, sugar, and sodas in excess, places such as your high school wouldn't need to enforce such stringent policies. Fact of the matter, the majority of America is fat. More and more children are becoming obese. What you're telling me is we should just let it be and act like there isn't a problem, right? I personally am sick and tired of paying more on my health insurance and prescriptions because (in part) of some people's lack of self-control and this country's ladeeda attitude about it.

As far as the cheerleading thing- I think it should be based on talent and not looks or popularity. Just because a girl isn't a stick doesn't mean she doesn't have school spirit, talent, or ability. To say such shows your immaturity.

Digressing, I've got a nice blog on my myspace about a school district in Tennessee that suspended a 14 year old girl for 5 days for saying she hated some people on her myspace account. I wrote a nice letter to the director of the Tennessee Board of Education who promply passed it on to his legal representative. I wasn't going to sue, it just pissed me off.

Ok, I'm done for now...

posted by  97Talonchik

If kids are going to eat shit, then they're going to eat shit. You can't force a person on a diet if they don't want to be, because the second that you're not there, they'll woof down a box of ringdings.

You call it immature, I call it realistic. Every club has certain standards and rules, otherwise there wouldn't be much point in having a club (cheerleaders aren't on a team IMHO, so I'm calling them a club). You don't have to be a stick, just in good shape. Those girls sacrificed a lot for their bodies, there's no reason that a fat girl should take one of their places.

posted by  giant016

but nobody's saying they should be on a diet. What's being said is that it's good that the schools play a part in supplying a healthy supplement in replacement of unhealthy snacks. I personally liked all the unhealthy stuff as a kid, and I for one think that just having the choice to eat healthilly was sufficient, rather than to disregard the junk food all together!

Usually their brains.....:tard: :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

I agree with you that it's good for schools to give kids a healthy choice, but this:

is not giving them more choices. I bet even animal crackers have more than 100 calories. If the schools so damned concerned about kids health maybe they should make all the fat kids participate in gym class. In my school the kids were allowed to sit around during gym if they wrote papers on sports instead. This group of kids was composed of mainly out of shape girls, and a few goth kids who are depressed because they have nothing to be depressed about. How about for math class I just play basketball instead because I don't like math?

posted by  giant016

Hey now!

posted by  SyntheticTrust

not surprising.
i was giving you credit that you had your tongue firmly in your cheek when you said

because if not, then you were contradicting yourself somewhat ...... or so it would seem to me.

posted by  windsonian

So it's alright for you to say "bigger" girls can't do cheers as well as "smaller" girls, but it's not ok for me to say most cheerleaders are brainless bimbo's? :ticking:

posted by  Cliffy

Forgot to add in this one;

Last year, the prom was free, due to the senior class's extreme class funding. Naturally, the upperclassmen would pair up with the underclassmen, and then just go to the prom with their age-appropriate dates. Because of this, a few seniors weren't allowed into their own prom.

posted by  Godlaus

1) So you want to help instigate the problem instead of looking for a solution? Nice. Can I elect you president?
As a matter of fact (not in reference to your comment, but to someone else's on this subject) there were a few school districts that have tried many things to help implement better eating habits by giving choices to kids. They would lock the soda machines during the day, offer healthier foods at lunch and in the snack machines along with the unhealthy foods. What happened? The kids would stock up on soda in the morning when the machines were open and they would pass up the healthy food in the lunch line for the fattening gluttonous delights that were offered. Problem solved? No. I'm all for it. Teaching a child or young adult healthy eating habits now only enforces healthy eating habits in the future and promotes more self-awareness about what they are putting into their bodies. You may not like it, but you'll learn to live with it.

2) Cheerleading is a sport, not a club. You don't have meetings, you have athletic gatherings. You're just mad at my comment because you objectify women as objects for your viewing pleasure and for only that. The job of a cheerleader is...get ready for lead cheers, not to satisfy a sick perverted fantasy. By the way, what you're stating is not realism it's idealism. Big difference.

posted by  97Talonchik

97TalonChik destroyed you giant016. You cannot recover from this.

posted by  My Life, My Era

Not necessarily, they both bring up pretty valid points. Why would you let the kids skip gym class just because they're lazy? Gym class isn't just about being fit (actually, at the grade school level, it's not about exercise at all), it's about learning teamwork and communication. If you're too lazy to run around the gym 5 times and then slide around playing "scooter-soccer" for the rest of the period, healthy food won't make a difference in obesity. I don't want schools to serve only healthy snacks, but when you look at obesity rates, and predictions for the future, it's pretty much the only way to go.

Cheerleaders are meant to lead the crowd to cheer. To get the crowd excited and make them support their team. First of all, I don't objectify women. I might make jokes, but honestly, I view most women as smarter than men. However, an attractive cheerleader will make me more enthusiastic about a game (my ideal girl isn't a "stick"; most men actually prefer women that don't look like super models). I'm not saying that overweight cheerleaders would not be suitable...I'm saying that not all girls will make good cheerleaders.

posted by  chris_knows

You say "teaching", but forcing is not the same as teaching. Health class teaches. I'm all for that, it encourages kids to make healthy decisions. If they want to eat right, they need to decide that on their own. It's similar to me and my old schoolmates situation on religion. We all went to the same catholic school in kindergarten until 6th grade. The kids I've kept in contact with only go to church on holidays, and only because they're forced to. My other group of friends who went to public school all try to get me to go to church with them. Hell, one is even going to be a minister. You can't successfully force lifestyles onto kids. Inform them and let them make their decisions.

"athletic gatherings"?! Sports teams have games. "Are you gonna watch the big football athletic gathering on Sunday?" Just doesn't work for me. I will admit that I have a pretty strict criteria for sports, but relax, it's just my opinion. You could throw definitions of "sport" at me all day, cheerleaders have competitions, similar to those Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts have against each other. Everyone's got to draw a line between sport/not a sport, mine seems to be in a different place than most peoples.

First I'm not mad. I feel I'm being realistic because the job of a cheerleader is to be hot. Despite what you THINK their job should be, NFL cheerleaders are hired more on their physical appearance and less on their ability to lead cheers. The same is true for high school. That is the real world.

Next up: "sick, perverted fantasy" I'm guessing for something to be considered perverted it would have to be held by a very small minority. CF is quite a sausage-fest, and I'm just guessing that the majority here picture cheerleaders as hot, and not what hobo posted.

After all that's been said, I agree with Chris in that the as a whole women are probably smarter then men.

posted by  giant016

If that was the case they are by and large under achievers then.:mrgreen: All this talk of cheerleaders and school food... I missed out on both damnit. The closest I came to either was a couple of packed sandwiches for lunch and a bit slap and tickle behind the tennis sheds.

posted by  Wally

I didn't know school existed when you were a kid...or tennis :wink2:

posted by  chris_knows

Yes we played tennis with a leather wrapped cannon ball and school was like Little House on The Prairie. We were so poor we couldn't afford a horse, so we would start walking from the workhouse about 3.00 am to get to class around 9.00am. We used pieces of charcoal to write on rough hewn timber palettes and by the time we we ready to work in the mines at age 11 we could count from one to twenty and recite the alphabet up to the letter N.

posted by  Wally

:orglaugh:...You give such a good description that I can't really tell if any of that did not actually happen lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I assume you're joking?......They went to the mines at age 12.....:laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Never really learned about that in history...We haven't learned about anything prior to the 19th century lol...

posted by  chris_knows

They do offer health classes. Unfortunately, the only thing the majority of teenagers care about is how popular they are and who's banging who. Again, as I stated previously, the choice and options were given however apparently kids are still not interested in what's good for them. Remove the temptation and as the old saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind." To ignore an obvious problem would be deemed a careless act by the administrators. They can't win for losing.

Simply because my grammar and terminology are above your level of understanding is no reason to make fun of it. I have strict criteria for sports too, but I'm open to all possibilities. What you suggest should then also apply for all sports. Fat men shouldn't be able to play any sport either. Let's not be one sided here. I won't even bother answering the rest of this because it would make absolutely no difference to you either way. I'll save my keystrokes.

No sweetie. You're not being realisitic, you're being idealistic. Despite what YOU think their job should be, it's still clearly defined as: Unabridged (v 1.1)
cheer·lead·er (noun) [cheer-lee-der]
a person who leads spectators in traditional or formal cheering, esp. at a pep rally or athletic event.

Hmm, I'm still missing the part that says they have to be hot. Can you point that out for me?

And #2: Do you seriously think they would hire a cheerleader into the NFL who lacked the ability to do the job at a professional level, but looked hot versus a secondary, average looking woman who could dance circles around the drop dead gorgeous girl they would? No. Part of being a cheerleader is having talent, not being gorgeous (albeit it might help you get a professional career in cheerleading, but not necessarily a must). I don't know what "real world" you are referring to, but my real world isn't on MTV.

Can't argue with that.

posted by  97Talonchik

heh... you guys should check out the CFL cheerleaders, particularily ours.....**** some of them are jailbait to me for christ's sake! ugh. nasty. and no talent. yeah, they can do a dance routine, but no lifts, tosses, throws, tumbling, or whatever you wanna call that shit. ****ing waste of air.

(excuse me, i've imbibed on several drinks tonight and i'm just offering up my opinion on the lack of talent/beauty in regards to our cheerleaders)

posted by  dodgerforlife

I can manage to breathe and type at the same time, and therefore have the mental capacity to be able to understand big words like "athletic" and "gathering". I even used them in a sentence in my previous post! You can call cheerleader competitions whatever you want, it doesn't change what they are.

Hold on now! I'm going to have to bust out an old hobo saying "think, type, submit" You're saying that fat men shouldn't be able to play sports because I said that fat women shouldn't be able to cheerlead (not exactly my point, but nevertheless). BUT My argument was that cheerleading is not a sport. See the whole in your reasoning?

The dictionary doesn't hire cheerleaders. A dictionary is not the real world. I can't point out for you in words exactly where it says they need to be hot, but a picture is worth a thousand words:
Must be a coincidence that the most famous cheerleaders on earth are all hot and in good

I chose my words carefully when posting to try to make a point that although being hot is more important than talent, you still need to have it when I said:
I'm saying hotness is more important, but not the only important factor in being a cheerleader. I'm betting if a girl was fat, but a truly great at doing cheers and such, she would coach the cheerleaders.

posted by  giant016

But you still can't understand the correct usage of hole....see your quote below...

Argument indeed, but you have no foundation for it other than your personal belief that it is not a sport. I have given you fact. You can't dispute fact with opinion. Also, your arguement included that only hot women should be allowed to cheer...and that cheerleaders are chosen merely based on their physical appearance. See the HOLE in your reasoning? Perhaps you should take your own advice here sir.

Indeed, a dictionary is not the real world, it is a book of definitions. Yes, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are attractive, fit women. Guess what though? Have you ever watched an elimination process for this? They are paid to do the job of leading cheers. They are paid to dance. Although attractiveness is somewhat of the criteria for the selection process, it is not the sole basis. That is my argument. I have seen many cheerleaders that have tried out for Dallas Cowboys who have the looks but lack the skills. They will NOT waste their money hiring someone who can't do the job, just like any other business.

My initial arguement still stands on this, you want to ban any woman from being a cheerleader just because she isn't hot. I want to ban fat men from wearing tight pants at a sporting event. Same thing whether you like it or not. I wasn't referring to the NFL initially, but you don't take into account the other criteria that goes into picking a Professional Cheerleader. I was referring to high school cheerleading, which is what this thread was initially about. I don't think ANY person should not be given a chance to try out for something solely based on looks.

I must have missed that quote and I still fail to believe you chose your words carefully. Your point makes no sense. Do you proofread?

posted by  97Talonchik

Proofreading and spellcheck, and I still couldn't catch it. I'll fold on this one.
FYI, you spelled argument wrong twice in the very post you pointed out my grammatical error..:thumbs:

The sport/not a sport argument is a very debatable subject, and therefore I feel opinions count. Also their aren't any clear definitions of "sport" in the dictionary in front of me. Please, give me some facts that show cheerleading is without a doubt a sport. Or, better yet, show me the facts that you claim to have already given me proving that cheerleading is a sport.

I agree, and never said that their physical appearance was sole basis for their being hired.

Not so much. A center in football will play better if had has an extra 50lbs on him. An extra 50 lbs on a cheerleader will effect her physical performance as well as her physical looks. It will negatively affect her ability to perform the two main aspects of her job. You're just saying that fat men playing sports shouldn't wear tight pants because you don't want to look at them (I'm assuming), but looking good is not part of their job. Not the same.

I'm not sure who you're talking to, seeing as I didn't hear anybody say that they shouldn't be able to try out, or that cheerleading was based solely on looks. We're almost on the same page here.

It seems pretty clear to me. I guess I'll break it down for you:

-I believe that both the ability to cheer AND physical appearance are necessary qualities in a good cheerleader.

-I believe that in trying to pick a good cheerleader, the physical appearance of the cheerleader is more important than her ability to cheer.

-Although I say that physical appearance is more important than cheering ability, a cheerleader should have a certain amount of cheering ability.

posted by  giant016

I guess all in all, we agree on most of those things. Good debate, let's do it again sometime. :wink2:

posted by  97Talonchik

Yeah, I was getting a little tired of it too:orglaugh:

posted by  giant016

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