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I was coming towards the end of a quiet shift today at work and was obviously quite relaxed and chilled out. Anyway, so we arrived at Surbiton (a suburban London station) and myself and my collegue poked our heads out of the open doors. We were then beconed over by the train guard (the bloke who operates the train doors etc), so we hurried over to where he was standing, with a member of platform staff. He then points to a young chap in his 20s by the looks of things, who is shouting abuse at passengers and becoming very violent. I stepped on the train and requested the man comes with me. He obviously refused, lol. We eventuallygot him off one train only for him to run over the footbridge to another platform, and subsequently, another train. We eventually got him out of the station by talking to him and agreeing with everything he said, what we forgot about though, was that the Platform Assistant had called the Police, so when our friend heard the sirens and saw the blue lights, he fled back into the station, jumping the ticket barriers.

I chased him into the station and down to one of the far platforms, safe in the knowledge that our buddies from the Met were right behind me (they were actually quite far behind unfortunately, lol). I then found myself at the end of a platform. Alone. With some pissed up nutter who has the tendency to take a dislike to my bannana like Hi-Vis jacket. I then advised him that he had nowhere else to go and that it would be in his best interest to give himself up. It was at this point that he advised me that he'd already stabbed somebody in the face tonight, and if I wasn't careful, I'd be next. I then took two steps back and thought for what was a split second, but felt like a few seconds. The young man then turned round and ran to the end of the plaform and onto the railway line (which has a live rail that kicks out 750-volts DC btw), I looked on as he hopped over about 10 lines and 8 live rails.

It was then that I heard a train sound its horn, not just one bleep, but several aggressive bleeps, which would suggest that our friend was in the way. Luckily he got to the other side unscathed....and I'm only saying luckily because I wouldn't want to be scraping him up. Anyway, he was later arrested for a public order offence (although I'm guessing trespass on the railway holds a greater penalty) for his abuse and his kind words to me (I would have liked them to do him for threats to kill, too, lol). I don't think he had a knife on him as I would have been informed, but whether or not he did stab somebody earlier this evening is another matter, as the young man clearly had something on his mind, and didn't want to deal with the Police.

It did get me thinking though. To risk his life like that, he must have been in a situation whereby he didn't care what happened to him, to the extent that he was suicidal even. Sorry for going on a bit here, I just felt it a necessary thread in my current state of mind, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

wow, what a day! a movie like chase through the station...are you a fast runner???
the only excitement that happened today at my place of work was a crash between one of our vans and the turd patrol (UPS) van:laughing:
i suppose you were glad to be at home?

posted by  True_Brit

I'm not as fast as I used to be, however, when the adrenalin starts pumping you become like superman, lol. Problem with me is that when my adrenalin starts to pump, my feet fun too fast for my brain to register and I feel like I'm pissed and unsteady, lol. I was getting ready for a stand off though. Problem is though, that the Police have body amour and we don't, we rely on our tact in situations I guess. I've always been slightly more aggressive than maybe I should be, but only in a proactive way, because 9 out of 10 times you don't get anywhere with people who don't want to listen to you, by being nice to them. But yeah, I'm glad to be at home, wit a beer!

posted by  Cliffy

dont you even get a telescopic truncheon? do you have to rely on what you say? (or your colleagues mobile phone or something, who knows, throw it right and you could send him to the ground,,,or the mobile):laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

You mean an asp? lol. No, we dont get them. Before I started they used to have Police radios, but when they changed to a digital netword we weren't allowed to have them anymore. That could all change though, as we could become acredited under the new franchise, which would mean we could issue fixed penalties aswell as have the benefit of a radio etc!

posted by  Cliffy

yay!!! even parking tickets on the station premises or just inside the station grounds???

(note to myself: keep quiet in london)

posted by  True_Brit

I doubt it'll stretch to parking tickets, as there are outside companies and councils who deal with that. It will be to enforce the railway bylaws more than anything, maybe with the odd penalty fare to boot, lol

posted by  Cliffy

youll turn a blind eye when ever im there wont you, you know you will, wont'cha

posted by  True_Brit


posted by  Cliffy

Sounds pretty eventful...At least you got out okay.

I think the guy had some sort of mental illness like manic bipolar disorder or something.

You should carry a pocket knife with you lol.

posted by  chris_knows

Lots of people have no regard for life, the important thing is that they don't take anyone with them when the do die. I guess the rent-a-cop gigs a little more interesting than I thought.

posted by  giant016

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