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It was a bit of a surprise at first, but ntl/Telewest (Brit TV, phone, and Internet provider) was bought out by Virgin (not a surprise so much that it was Virgin who took the company over, I mean, they have most other companies now, lol). This wouldn't usually bother me, but as Virgin wouldn't pay Sky an extra 3p per day, they have removed all their channels. This means that I am paying the same price I always have, only now I have alot less channels! I don't really watch alot of Sky channels, but I often watch programs on Sky travel as they strangly air shows such as 'The Tube' and 'Baliffs'. Virgin have displayed a few 'comical' digs at Sky in the info section of where the removed channels are, but with no plans to refund us any money, this really doesn't bother me....What peeves me the most is that Virgin are being so stubborn and tight with the funds, and Sky is being petty as far as their tactics to steal ntl:telewest customers goes! :banghead:

So if anybody is thinking of changing providers....don't bother! T_B, is this the case with you? I seem to recall that you were with Telewest. You obviously had the service withdrawn when you moved, so I strongly suggest that you go with somebody else next time!

posted by  Cliffy

I thought this was about the other type of virgin. :laughing:

That sucks...Are there any other providers you can switch to?

posted by  chris_knows

If ever somebody could think that way, it would be you, lol. I could switch to Sky, but the last time I had Sky the signal would be lost every time it rained. It might be better these days though I suppose. I prefer the channel setup of Sky, and I like the way the TV guide connects instantly (with VM there's a short delay while thecable network loads....I think, lol). Sky is also more expensive I think. VM is also offering their mobile phone service for an extra £10 per month, but that really doesn't matter to me, as I'm happy with what I have.

posted by  Cliffy

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