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ok I was at work yesturday and me and my friend were talking about the movie 300 and some battle movies came up. So we started debating about who would win in a fight.

When the two people have a majority vote, the next person should list two more people that can be evenly matched. This should make for a good debate and a little fun.

Achilles from troy, or maximus from gladiator

I said Achilles because he carried a great deal of technique, he was swift, agile, strong, and smart. He gained respect and drew fear into the eyes of his enemies

posted by  salimander13

i vote for achilles as well in terms of fighting. although i would say that maximus would make the better soldier in general. but as far as strength and smarts went, maximus had the advantage on that. achilles was presented as more of the clever fox type of character while maximus was shown as the wise sage.

posted by  Inygknok

I saw gladiator on tv yesturday and I noticed for the first time that they compared maximus to hector. Awsome movie, hopefuly 300 will be as great a film action wise.

posted by  salimander13

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