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I bet many guy's except me would like to know how many girls are on Car-Forums. :)

So if you are a girl, introduce your self again :) and if you are not that shy , post a picture too and if you are a girl with picture of you and a car, then you can be considered as car forum super girl in my point of view:hi:

posted by  Majo

Few that I can remember...

Synthetictrust, Mntt, Smiley(numbers), 97talonchik & vwhobo.

posted by  Bronxie

That still is too low for 15K members? isn't it ?

posted by  Majo

99% of those 15K are people who came on here to ask one question and then never came back. There are maybe 20 or so active members. Yes there were more girls that signed up, but the ones listed are the only ones who post regularly. That VWhobo girl is smoken hot though. She's too shy to post pics online, but if you PM her she'll send you the pics.

posted by  giant016

Bronxie said them all. BTW vwhobo = GILF.

posted by  chris_knows

yeah hobo could be an HIN model....

posted by  V-Tec

It should be noted that mntt and smiley whatever haven't been seen posting in a while. Both made a total of maybe 30 posts...then poof.

posted by  Bronxie

Well, here is a perfect example. Not to just pick on Chris, because you all do it.
A young lady joins up, asks a question, and the first response is: “Send us a picture, so we’ll know if we want to screw ya.”

It makes no difference if she loves cars and wants to learn more. You animals just can’t help yourselves. Your tiny little penis’s have to rise to the occasion.

You say things on this board, you would never say to a person’s face. Great to hide behind the Internet, isn’t it?

And then when a young lady like JanieR shows up you get all defensive and gang up on her, just to make sure “the boys win.”

Sometimes it’s good for the boys to lose.

You wonder where the girls went? Somewhere, they will be treated with respect.

That is something you are going to have to learn if you want this board to grow.

posted by  jcutsh

my intention was not to collect girls pictures,phone numbers, usernames, and what so ever. My intention was to see diversity on this forum man vs woman.

by statements above its like 99.8 :) of males on this forum.

And how come that from 15K members just few visits regularly ? have something happen ? in the past ?

posted by  Majo

It's because of the 16,000 members, most just come to ask a question and then leave. They see no purpose in staying.

BTW Jcutsh, I never really thought about that; I'll just have to be more subtle. :laughing: JP.

posted by  chris_knows

It's not just you Chris. You just happen to be the one to provide a fine example that time. Most here do it.

Young kids filled with crap join here, both boys and girls, and instead of guiding and molding their little minds, they get jumped on. Not by everyone, just most.

It is much more of a challenge to teach someone proper techniques then to jump down their throat because they don't know how to ask a question.

Girls don't think about sex all the time like guys do. When they are in the mood to talk cars, TALK CARS.

Nobody wants to hang, where they are put down all the time. Lots of comments here would get your butt sued in the work place. There are plenty of chat rooms where you can talk that stuff. Mods should put a stop to this.

If a new kid asks a question and you think it is stupid, go on to another thread. Maybe someone with patience will help and we can mold another member. You don't have to make some snide remark in every thread.

Go back and read some of those past threads, You'll under why people see no purpose in staying.

posted by  jcutsh

That's all true and I will definitely try to do all that, but most members that come and post one question aren't harassed. They just come here to find the bolt pattern on their 1997 Toyota Camry for example.

I'll do my best to treat this place as if I was talking to the people face to face.

posted by  chris_knows

I would love for everyone to do better Chris.

Now go spend some time in the Introduce Yourself area. Look at some of the threads these newbies made, and the comments they received.

When you reply to a newbie, the first words you type should be, "Welcome to CF", not "Man your a dumba$$"

It happens over and over.

I quit this board once because someone told a 13 year old, "Ya, and I F----D you mother last night." It was the kid's third or forth post.

I am made of better stuff than that.

None of you would take that lying down.

posted by  jcutsh

Most of the snide or sarcastic remarks that are posted in the intro section are because said members ignor the board description and ask a question. If this is the case I usually just ignor the question they've asked and do the usual "Welcome to CF" bit. That is acceptable. I agree that harrassing members is a bad thing, and I personally steer clear of it, and only go so far and no just how far the boundries can be pushed. I would never verbally abuse any member beyond calling them an idiot when warrented. :thumbs:

One thing that annoys me is when a female member makes a point of telling us her sex when she's after help. It doesn't bother me if she says this in her first post, it's more when she says so when she's not getting the desired answers, or is being told the error of her ways....As far as moderating all of the abuse etc goes, I'll say one thing. I can't win, whatever I do. I will let you figure that one out for yourself.

posted by  Cliffy

I don't envy your position Cliffy. You can't change someone's character on the Internet.

I have watched other car forums grow leaps and bounds. CF doesnt have the best rep in the business, and it appears to be something we have done to ourselves.

Members generate income. Aholes prevent that growth. I was only trying to explain that premise.

Kids learn very quickly a gentle prod is usually all that is necessary, not a smack with a ball bat.

Ah girls, I love them. Perhaps, if it was a rule to fill out the profile before posting, it would help. You see a girl telling her sex as trying for special privilege. It has been my experience that it means, Help me because I am really dumb, and I need extra help. We have been training them that way for centuries. A lady confident in her status never brings up her sex.

As a mod repetitive actions are just part of the business. I would have thought you would have been hardened by now. lol

posted by  jcutsh

Cliffy, you're an idiot! :laughing:

posted by  windsonian

call him a knobhead, he uses that alot!:laughing: :joking:

posted by  True_Brit

I think you're way off. I haven't seen anyone do that to the new girls who have joined. Flawed perception of reality. Maybe you can direct me to where this has occurred.

Janier was a fool and it had absolutely nada to do w/ her gender.

She was merely a fool & her treatment was warranted. Of course, I only saw her for a period of about a week on here so I judge by that. Needless to say, she didn't leave a good impression.

The last time I recall someone asking a girl for pics was when MNtt joined and 'What' thought she was a guy and asked for proof and she happily linked us to her myspace.

Anyways, if you really think I am wrong, please show me where and I will duely apologize.

posted by  Bronxie

I have made it a point to pick on no one. Each person must search his own soul for the correct answer. I love CF. Although I don’t post everyday, I am here a lot. I see this forum as a vast untapped resource of young minds. Minds that I and others can help mold into clear thinking adults. There are no obstacles you will face in life, we have not already experienced. We oldies will gladly share that knowledge.

We had sex in the back seat of cars, battled drugs and alcohol, bought homes, raised kids, fought wars, invented new discoveries, played rock and roll, and a whole host of other things. And we did it all with respect for one another. Old people are the greatest resource young people have. And they choose to ignore it.

Even you recognize there is a problem.

And lo and behold, you can be part of the problem. Your masterful boosting in the random thread was outstanding. You took a woman who was willing to give you the greatest gift a woman has to offer and turned her into a slut. Now there’s a conversation that girls will be drawn to like files to honey.

As far as Jamie, is concerned, time after time she turned your pseudo-intellectual arguments into mush. And then in order to save victory from the jaws of defeat, you resorted to calling her names. Yes, it was you who drew first blood. Jamie was a breath of fresh air. Her mind could be changed with clear concise thought and facts. You can always tell when you are losing an argument, by the amount of profanity you interject into the conversation. Just because you lacked the skill to change her mind, doesn’t mean Janie was wrong.

One more question, and this is not meant as an insult in any way. Are you bi, or gay? I ask because of your sig. I am 63 years old. I have driven everything from T Model Fords to formula ones. I have flown in the T-33, F4c, F-105, and the Habu. Nothing I have ever done was greater than sex. Of course, thinking only of yourself during its commission could take the edge off, I suppose.

posted by  jcutsh

I wasn't aware that Janie left, lol.....I think she just pops by from time to time. [/quote]

Oh yes, I forgot about that, lol.

As for CF not being as busy as it once was, I don't think it's because of the reputation it's obtained as a whole, there's some factors that need to be addressed in my opinion.....bring CF into the present day, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

OK well.. since the thread starter really hasnt posted much here, I don't see a point in replying. I'm a female. That's all you need to know.. Go to the pic thread and that's what I look like.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

You just did reply, lol....It doesn't matter if the OP isn't participating much, all input is welcome.

posted by  Cliffy

Well I'm not replying in a sense with posting pictures.. I should have said reply much...(I think that's a first lol)

posted by  SyntheticTrust

It's a first that you're not posting pics? I agree...:laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Although I did just get back from a vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC and Winston-Salem, NC... which I did take A LOT of photos... but maybe I'll just leave them for myspace.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

I happenned, sorry.

posted by  slurm_sucka

Nice posts, i think it is very productive when a forum faces some things that should not happen, like more girls, like not stabbing new members. Anyways I got use to car forums and other like forums matter a fact I own couple of them :) so I know the drill and therefore I am not gone :)

I really would love to see this forum grow even more financially but hey thats my opinion....

Thank you girls for replaying It really makes us males think differently...., there is no need for pictures to post , I think we should just be aware there are females among car forums, and we should watch our expressions but not only females but among kids as somebody mention before. Btw i don't know what a kid with age of 13 was doing hereE unless his daddy has lots of money and can afford paying tickets for no drivers license ? :)

posted by  Majo

I would love to see this place grow, too.....not sure how it'll happen at the moment though. I guess only time will tell. Regarding kids being here, there's nothing written anywhere to say that you have to be old enough to drive to be a member, lol....Although on registering I think you have to declare your age or something...:ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy


I think there should be forum open also for kids under 16 etc, i mean i drove my fathers car when i was 13 lol , well that was in Europe and no my father wasn't stinky rich to pay the tickets but his son was very cautious where he is driving :)

Anyways I bet this forum will be good,, just wait :) with positive attitude as you got now, belive me who wouldn't join ?

posted by  Majo

This place has its good days and its bad days. It used to be alot more active, 2005 was it's most active according to the stats. I have every faith in this place though, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

So, after reading this (, this (, and this (

posted by  Godlaus

Yes, there is a problem: No one comes here. The environment isn't lively, there is virtually no moderator support (aside from cliffy whose powers are limited) and the few people who are here do not get along so well.

I'm sorry, what? I turned her into a slut?

How did I go about doing that? By posting, objectively, the situation that occurred that night? By stating my feelings about her?

You lost me w/ this one. I have no idea what you're on about.

I don't even remember the arguments, but I know I did not "lose" those disputes, (as if arguing carries a record with it)

This is a common occurrence here:

>>>> I argue w/ someone.

>>>> Although I make perfectly valid claims & arguments, most people side against me for one reason or another.

>>>> Those sorry viewers, (in this case, you) choose to read one side of the argument and not the other and then act as if, through their own wishful thinking, I am "losing" or being "defeated." no matter how logical my statements are.

Maybe you lack the mental clarity to recognize that. I cannot say, but I'd like to think this isn't the case because I have high respect for you as a member & an individual. (no joke)

Kindly do NOT subject me to your own flaws, if they do in fact exist.

If you feel like I have been "defeated", as you said, feel free to dispute the same matters with me, or simply bring the topics up and point it out to us.

Nice. Saying, "...this is not meant as an insult in any way." sure makes it seem like you are not trying to offend the feeble-minded anyway.

If you actually cared & wanted to know the answer, you would ask something like, "Why do you think driving a Lotus is more thrilling than sex?" as opposed to jumping to the conclusion that a guy who has sex w/ girls & enjoys a car more than that is gay.

There are so many other factors involved that could bear the same outcome.

For example: I've only driven a Lotus once, whereas I have sex much more frequently.

This is a basic psychological concept that I would expect you to know about.

In most circumstances that we encounter, our initial encounter elicits high response. There is a negative correlation between exposure and response.

So when I drove a Lotus and went back to having sex, I was more thrilled by the Lotus than the sex.

If I had sex for the first time and drove a Lotus for the first time at or around the same time, I may have a higher response to sex, but I can't say for sure, obviously.

Not ALL circumstances are like this. Some have a positive correlation between response and exposure. (like certain drugs)

But I'm sure this possibility conveniently eluded you as you went about not trying to offend me in any way.

And only because I know you will point this out otherwise, I am not gay or bi.

posted by  Bronxie

thank the lord!:laughing:



of the





you have



posted by  True_Brit

To avoid jumbling things up. Imagine how hard that would be to read.

Most people have short attention spans and when they see a jumbled up thought, will skip over it because it LOOKS long.

posted by  Bronxie

smart:thumbs: (unlike that bloke on here rambling on about call cards:laughing: )

posted by  True_Brit

Bronxie, jcutsh didn't say you were gay or bi, but he suggested that maybe you were too selfish or just not very good at it :laughing: JP

BTW Did you find your password?

posted by  chris_knows

I'm good at some things and not so good at others. It's not easy to be good at everything especially because you don't enjoy some things that your partner enjoys :(

I didn't find it still .. lol

posted by  Bronxie

Ah, my dear Bronxie,

Thank you for serving my purpose so well. Your anger shows through quite substantially. You did exactly what an 18 year old does. You struck back, and you did yourself proud, I might add.

Now imagine when a 13 year old joins the board and is met by words like “Idiot, Stupid and Crazy A$$ kid, Can’t you spell, or Don’t you speak English,” on their very first post. It happens all the time. It is a habit, perpetuated by the clique around here.

Think about what a great place Car-Forums would be if everyone here tried to help that person, instead of jumping on their backs their very first post. We can teach all sorts of things besides cars. We can teach how to interact with others, how to ask questions which convey our thoughts, and how to respect others. Then CF will grow, and that new person will venture out onto the Internet and tell everyone what a great place this is.

Argument for argument sake is not a lofty goal in life. It’s only purpose is to enkindle a response based on feelings or emotions. Why would anyone want to do that to someone they don’t even know? Discussion based on scientific fact could be well worth pursuing.

Murders and politicians realize we all leave tracks throughout life. Right or wrong, I merely used some of yours against you. I apologize. I also realize that you are one of the few who actually put thought and effort into most of your posts. It is great practice and will serve you well, later in life.

One small thing does bother me though. If your profile is correct, and you love your girlfriend. Why were you in bed with an old friend and thinking such impure thoughts? I am not judging, just trying to understand the younger generation.

I know your not Gay, kid. But proving or disproving a negative is an execrably difficult thing to do. Isn’t it better not to start them?

I hope most here will take these small lessons to heart. Let’s make CF great for boys and girls, and us feeble-minded old men.

posted by  jcutsh

Been there, done that, doesn't work. Period. Over the last 12 years on automotive forums around the world, I've seen the same thing. I once tried to use my years of experience to help, but no one wants to hear it, even when done nicely. Now, I don't give them that third chance and rarely a second chance. If they're on the web and take the time to post a message, they could have taken the time not to be ignorant BEFORE posting, and thinking about what they say. They don't want help. They want their opinions validated before a worldwide audience, no matter how thoughtless and insulting they may be.

Look at your big Miata thread. You posted a thoughtful thorough treatise on why the cars are great cars, and you STILL got met with insults about it being a chick car and a worthless toy car. There is no help for that, there is only responding in kind.

posted by  ChrisV

And people wonder why I don't want to have sex or even a kiss without being married.

Well, I'd kiss a girl before I was married, just wouldn't have sex :laughing:

posted by  jedimario


I know it is hard. There are those who can be persuaded. It not only happens in the automotive world, but in politics and other areas as well. The Internet has changed people. They say things which they would never say to someone’s face.

In the old days, we would never treat each other this way. Today you upset some little kid, because you don’t like the color of his car, and he goes to school the next day and shoots someone. The problem is you don’t even know you caused the disoblige. We have to reverse the trend. The rewards are just too great, not to keep trying.

Even you felt I was making a personal attack in this thread.

Actually, I had no idea you felt so strongly about the subject. I merely made a post about my opinion. I never thought about you in the least.

It amazes me how people don’t read, or don’t comprehend what they read, before they post.(Not you)

It amazes me how many people in the US think the government blew up the WTC. Try arguing with those people.

The Mustang started as a girly car. Most people aren’t old enough to remember that. I could have responded to all those idiots in that thread, but beating your head against the wall doesn’t accomplish much. I prefer the thrill I get when my girly Miata, runs away from all those bad Mustangs, Cameros, Porschs and Beamers. And now we have LS1 Miatas pushing Ferrari’s around the race track. (I’ve started to look for an LS1 or LS8 myself, he-he) Time will remove the girly banner and prove the Miata for what it is, an expensive, fine tuned race car. I will then be proven right. I assure you gloating becomes me. lol

We can only keep trying. I really believe there is a lot more at stake here then just getting a point across. This attitude of, “I’m a bigger bad a$$ then you,” is already making the world a terrible place to live.

Jumping that new person, their very first post doesn’t help. Engage them in conversation first. Try to find out where these stupid thoughts and ideas came from. Ok, I know it sounds like work, but making a friend instead of an instant enemy is worth it. Mind changing requires time and your finest thought processes and skills. Skills I know you of all people, possess. Don’t you think they are worth this small attempt? You are one of the leaders of this forum. When you lose your temper, the new guys see it and decide that your comments are accepted practice. They take that habit with them elsewhere in their daily lives. A simple smile always gets passed on.

I have managed to change minds, in my life time. All are not lost. Logical thought, presented in the proper manner backed with scientific fact does work. Being the one who doesn’t lose your temper is a worthy goal. The reward at the end of the day sure does make that evening beer taste good.

posted by  jcutsh

A olympian, majestic goal my friend. Your rewards will be more than you can even imagine.

I salute you. A rare hero of our times. :thumbs:

posted by  jcutsh

You've never kissed a girl before? What the f*ck is wrong with you.

You low self-esteem, inside dwelling bastard. What's wrong with kissing? KISSING!!! You must be very religious.

Maybe this is why you wanted to kill me when I said something about Jesus. Would Jesus kill me? Do you masturbate? Is masturbating sinful?

I love Jesus too, but I've kissed and sexed a girl. And I won't go to war with you if you mention Jesus.

How do you know about the "rewards" of not stickin' until you're married? Did you do this? What about the consequences? What if he marries a non-virgin with expectations? What if he can't please her? Oh no! There goes the rest of his f*cking self-esteem!

What if he doesn't get hitched until he's like, 30? How weird is that, a 30-year old man WHO HASN'T KISSED. There are rewards to stickin' it to a chick before marriage.

No kissing til' marriage. That's gay.

posted by  What

What, I am going to answer this in another thread. It has nothing to do with religion.

I was just like you. If It walked, crawled, or flew, I porked it.

Watch for the thread. I think I'll call it "Payday Viagra"

I think you will be surprised at my reasons.

posted by  jcutsh

:orglaugh: , never heard the word porked used like that!

posted by  True_Brit

God damn forum glitch.

posted by  What

I am sure it is incontestable the signification and evince, I exploited with that word.

posted by  jcutsh

In the mean time, I'll stick it to my girlfriend, kiss her, and then start stickin' it to her some more. This should be enough time for you to describe some type of alternate world where I should envy Jedimario, The-Super-Virgin, because HE DOESN'T stick and kiss women.

Some type of big, f*ckin' rainbow world.

posted by  What

Damn dude,...always test drive a vehicle before you buy it.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

What, you do know that there are other words for committing sexual intercourse other than "sticking it", right? :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

I've never autocrossed before, it must be sinful :roll:

Seriously, I expect better of you. For one thing, I said I'd kiss before I was married. Read my post.

I don't recall ever wanting to kill you, and no I don't masturbate. I wouldn't know if it's sinful or not, but I find the whole concept to be vain and somewhat disgusting.

That's one of the most pathetic things I've ever heard you say...

posted by  jedimario

If thats one of the most... I'm doing pretty well then.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

That's different.

You should break your sexual shell before you fiind yourself disgusted of what your wife asks of you in the bedroom. Would you ejaculate on your wife? Do her doggy style? Eat her out? Let her do you? Anal?

You're going to be a very boring sex partner.

Do you get horny? Ever watched porn? Turn your head in rated R movies?

You had to pull from way-deep to classify masturbation as "vain". Ever had a hard on? Is that disgusting?

I believe you have some type of sexual psychological you were molested or something.

posted by  What

Or maybe I have a different point of view than you. I was never molested, maybe you were and that's why you've become so numb to sexual activity. And my future wife will see things the same way as me, so there won't be any problems, and our relationship will be countless times more gratifying and enjoyable than any you have ever had or probably will ever have.

posted by  jedimario

Word...I know a guy who bought a car online and thought it was an auto. Turns out it actually had a stick.

posted by  giant016


If that means what I think it means, it's pretty funny lol.

posted by  chris_knows

Yes, but you probably clubbed it first.......that would have been what, when your hometown was still part of Laurasia?

posted by  Wally

When I was in High School, that's true. -- then in the sixties, my generation invented all those things What seems to worship so much. We had Woodstock, the flower children, the hippes, and the Kinsey report. Sex took on a new meaning. Women became easy. If it feels good do it was the word of the day. Sex became free and unrestrained. Now it is only a cheap thrill.

Now we have record numbers of divorce, Women DNA testing 10-20 men to find their babies father. Women raising children alone, Gang warfare in our streets because children don't get love and respect at home, Rainbow parties (Bj's) in our elementary schools. Kids shooting each other, and I could go on and on. And If you don't think its all related your crazy.

Because that basic deep down bond we had has disappeared. Sex doesn't mean anything anymore. With the arrival of causal sex came causal commitment. I know hundreds of married couples who haven't had sex in years. Not so with those couples who waited.

Men want all women to drop their drawers and give them what they want, but then we go search for a virgin to marry. Most men don't want a woman, every guy on the block has screwed. You want your lady to be yours alone.

What will burn out. It will get to the point where he just gets tired of the same old thing over and over and he will run out of new things to try. By the time he is 35, he will be like the 40% of the men in this country-- that age --who need viagra to get in up, or he will turn gay looking for new thrills to turn himself on. Then he will have nothing left to offer anyone.

Jedimario's reward will be that at eighty, he will still be with the same lady he married, and he won't need viagra, and they will enjoy learning about sex together, and they will have a bond What will never achieve.

That reason, "I want someone with experience is just Bullshit." No matter how many times you say it, its not true.

A man's brain is his largest sex organ, Don't burn it out.

Now What will come back with a really ignorant answer to this post. He will call me a stupid old man, and tell me how wonderful it is when someone sticks their fist up his ass. (first step to gayness) And why? Because everything I just said is something he doesn't want to hear. It threatens his lifestyle. Well What, I really don't care about your lifestyle. However, your attack on jedimario was childish, stupid and uncalled for. When you get older, and maybe have a teenage daughter, who starts dating, then you attitude will change. Then you will become a hypocrite like the rest of us.

Wally, one of the advantages to being old, is the ability to look back and see all those things that screwed your life up.

posted by  jcutsh

The beauty of youth is knowing all there is to know. The horror of old age is realising how much you have forgotten.

posted by  Wally

While I agree with you, you're missing a point that I don't remmeber being allowed to talk about on here.

And it'd be nice if I lived to be 80 at all, much less be married and all that :laughing:

posted by  jedimario

Well, let's see, You don't remember being allowed to talk about it. I don't remember you not remembering you not being allowed to talk about it. And if you never were allowed to talk about it..........

I wonder how in the hell I could have missed that. :evil:

If you can remember, just one more time, what you were never allowed to post,


posted by  jcutsh

First of all, I'm proud to say that today I turn 19 :D

I don't think I'm particularly rude to anyone unless a personal attack is launched (which actually happened the very first day I joined this place)

I have learned a lot from the guys here...ChrisV included. When I joined, I knew absolutely nada about cars. I still don't know a lot by any stretch, but I know more than most all of the people I encounter which at the very least means I have gotten somewhere.

That profile is old. We haven't been together since November.

I still love her but she told me today that she didn't ever want to talk to me again... Who could not want to talk to me? I'm so charming.

posted by  Bronxie

Wow... I didn't get it until Chris knows pointed it out lol

posted by  Bronxie

Although every post you've made in this thread has been complete rubbish, I think i'll quote this one, as it shows just how low one can stoop. I should really edit most of what you've written in this thread as pretty much every word is obscene. Instead I think I'll use it as and when I need it to justify yet another ban on your account.....You really are very narrow minded and I pitty any woman who lets you 'stick' it to her.....:banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

ahahahahhah:laughing: that means 2 things

1. Your embarassed about your size:doh:
2. Your Morman

aahahahahh x5 grow a pair

(I'm Slurm I have to be mean some times)

posted by  slurm6969

You know, the whole God thing. Last time I brought it up, Bav got upset.

posted by  jedimario

Cliffy, please.

Does this forum not allow members to question other members to have a better understanding of the other member? Yes, my questions were vulgar...but we're talking about masturbation, sex, and apparently guns. You were more offended than Jedimario...probably until I wrote this.

If I severely offended Jedimario then oops! <---not really. I want to understand the limits and reasons of his beliefs and I don't feel like "sugar-coating" my questions. If he is uncomfortable, he can tell me and I'll stop. I'll respect his feelings.

I'm very easy to deal with. Communication is all I ask.

I swear, Cliffy wants to ban me 100x more than the majority.

posted by  What

I'm far from offended. It makes me a little sad to see people like you wallowing around in the slums making mud pies because you can't see what a holiday at the beach is like, but if I pitied everyone in this world I'd drown in my own tears, wouldn't I? I can't tell you how to live, and you can't tell me how to live, but if you've really got nothing better to do than throw insults around at people you don't know based on false premises about their religion, then I can say you need a life.

posted by  jedimario

So it is a religious thing?

God... I will stay out of this one. No pun intended.

posted by  Bronxie

Well, while it may have been spawned by my faith, I no longer need to rely on my faith to explain it. John's done a very good job of explaining the whole thing without religion.

So the answer to your question is no.

posted by  jedimario

Why? I'm always smiling.

I'm livin' the dream.

Good luck on your future relation with a woman that matches your weak sexual appetite and doesn't want kids. Borrrrrrrrrring.

But I'm sure you will both have some exciting Sunday schools.

I see JESUS!!

posted by  What

well said It sounds like to me he's afraid of sex because he's "small" who is interested in somebody whose afraid of their own well... i'm trying not to get banned so I'll so male reproductive organ. live life for god sake have you ever had an orgasm. sorry about the vulgar nature of this post but Jedimario says he doesn't masterbate so that pretty much means he has alot of wet dreams. I feel a bit depressed for your sex issues.:2cents:

posted by  slurm6969

Would you read my posts?

posted by  jedimario

I don't understand why some of you are on jedimario's case. If he has been pressured into his decision because of his faith, how is that any worse than being pressured in promiscuity by others? Maybe he doesn't want the complication and emotional baggage. Maybe he reveres woman rather than considering them something comfortable to lay on while having a root.

posted by  Wally

there's nothing wrong with not having sex until he's married but he sounds like he's scared of his own "male reproductive organ" and later in life he's going to run into many sexual problems and alot of confusion.
maybe he's the next 40 year old virgin, but I know he's just "small" it has nothing to do with religon.

posted by  slurm6969

Well I suppose if it's important to know how inadequate ones dick size is, there may be an advantage in finding out between the sheets, rather than being laughed at in the changing rooms. But I can also see advantages in wedding a virgin who is less likely to make comparisons on size, technique, etc.

I can't imagine how many marriages I indirectly destroyed because of the wive's memory of my masculine prowess. Correspondingly there must be countless hetro men out there who are inconsolable and suffering performance anxiety because they know their partner has been pleasured by the ultimate in maniliness = me. What is your girlfriends name... maybe I know her? :wink2:

posted by  Wally

She goes by YOUR MOM
oh i guess you do know her pretty well:laughing:

posted by  slurm6969

My mum is hot eh. I didn't know you were into necrophilia, you scamp.

posted by  Wally

She is pretty hot huh

posted by  slurm6969

Enough has been said here. What, the only reason I want you banned sometimes is because of outbursts like most of your posts here. You might not have directly insulted Jedimario, but your general posting manner could quite easily have offended other members (me not included.....I was acting for the good of the Forum in my response to you!). Although some people disagree with censorship, you have to realise that you cannot address people in the way that you do, especially seeing as how you're being closly monitored anyway!

Slurm, you too are being monitored very closely, and although not as vulgar as What's, the way you voice your 'opinions' is somewhat narrow minded. Nothing wrong with you being a knob in the way that you speak your mind, but nobody here his laughing with you...At least nobody with a brain anyway. I'll leave this open just in case anybody wants to attack me. This will be locked in the very near future though! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Cliffy, while What is posting somewhat vulgar/inappropriate things, he's just offering a different perspective than what majority of the forum believes.

posted by  chris_knows

I think that people should be able to speak their mind but sometimes it gets to a point that goes a little to far with all respect to cliffy I think that Whatspost seemed to be appropriate he was just voicing his opinion on the matter not attacking jedimario directly.

posted by  slurm6969

I thought you'd shown the extent of your stupidity in the rest of this thread, but this takes the cake. Either that or you're one of the most disrespectful and rude punks out there. Or maybe it's both.

And Wally, please, don't hold back in doing whatever you decide to do to him.


posted by  jedimario

I'm not really on his I? Well, I only wanted to understand him. What ever he wants or doesn't want to do is up to him. I don't care.

He's different from me. The fact that he had to rethink whether he'd kiss a girl before marriage is weird to me. What's wrong with kissing, or was that a joke? I'd like to ask him more questions but ya know, Cliffy and his dumbass decisions will fuss.

I still don't understand why Jedi chooses to not masturbate. There are more vain and disgusting things that he could remove from his not judging a fellow car-forums member like he's a perfect Jesus. How's that for vain. Touching doorknobs, wiping your ass, and eating with your's that for disgusting.

Jedi's sexual views seem extreme to me, and I believe they stem from something psychological.


Cliffy, you seem rather stubborn to be a mod. Why haven't you posted the topic I requested? Is it because I asked?

posted by  What

I didn't have to rethink it, it was a joke, I suppose.

And if you really want to talk to me, you can use pm's...

posted by  jedimario

Because of the way you asked. Like most instances, you demanded rather than requested....not only that, but you had the nerve to say I should be more active :screwy:

And you wonder why you are always in line for a banning? Calling a Moderator a Dumbass (in as many words), certainly wont do you any favours. Slurm, What's way of voicing his opinion was far from apropriate. Full stop. I've had enough of this thread going round in circles, and I've given you guys enough chance to voice further opinion. If you guys want to discuss this further, use PMs. What, if you have a problem, PM me.

posted by  Cliffy

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