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I'm not a big fan of Horse racing myself, but I was requested upon to take the Father-in-law to Aintree (in Liverpooooool) for the Grand National yesterday (Saturday)....A big Horse Racing event for those who don't know, as he had a dodgy leg and can't drive. I'm surprised to say that I actually quite enjoyed it, too. We had a few bets and won a bit of money (most of which we re-gambled, lol) and when the Grand National race came round we put some money on that, too. We put some on McKelvey who was injured at the last minute but almost won, I believe he injured himself on the final jump or something, but he started out towards the back of the grid and literally came within a nose of beating the winner, Silver Birch....We would have won £500 from that one, too!

We also placed a bet on a horse that started out with odds of 16-1 (we placed a bet on it at these odds too) or something, but changed to 125-1, as this seemed very strange, we were intrigued, so backed it again, lol....This horse was leading for quite a distance, but came something like 10th in the end. On the whole it was a great day out and the weather was the best it's been for years apparently. And my car wheels were still there when I returned I'm pleased to say.

posted by  Cliffy

So basically you're a couple grand in the hole now? :laughing: JP

Never been to a horse race, but it looks pretty fun. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

posted by  chris_knows

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