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Unless you live under a rock, you would no doubt be aware that public kissing in India is a social taboo.

Seems there's one person who didn't do his homework. (,22023,21570456-663,00.html)

posted by  Wally

It's up to them whether that should be done in public or not, but burning effigies? Isn't that just a bit too far? lol

posted by  chris_knows

i didnt know about this public kissing thing in india!!! i know its illegal to chew gum in malaysia unless you have a doctors note for it!

posted by  True_Brit

Maybe it's pent up anger at his rumoured treament of Gerbils?

posted by  Wally

Yeah, but he's a movie star...We expect that kind of thing from them.

posted by  chris_knows

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