Some random chinese guy added me to msn and tried to get me to buy handbags

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Well this fellow added me to msn and started talking to me, i have no idea where he got my email from, but anyway, he's what Dan Wang had to say:

(11:06 PM) dan: www.********.com
(11:07 PM) Chris...: huh?
(11:07 PM) Chris...: whos this?
(11:07 PM) dan: can't remember me?
(11:08 PM) Chris...: nope
(11:09 PM) dan: have a look my web?
(11:09 PM) Chris...: nope what is it?
(11:10 PM) dan: brands new sunglasses, watches .sports shoes
(11:10 PM) Chris...: oh ok..
(11:11 PM) Chris...: but whos this tho?
(11:11 PM) dan: i'm a chinese honest seller
(11:12 PM) Chris...: right..
(11:13 PM) Chris...: and where did you get my email from?
(11:13 PM) dan: msn..
(11:13 PM) dan: from ebay..i was a seller on ebay..
(11:13 PM) Chris...: never been on ebay my friend
(11:14 PM) dan: please have a look my web site. ok?
(11:15 PM) Chris...: what do i need a handbag for?
(11:17 PM) dan: could you tell me which one?
(11:18 PM) Chris...: no, why do i need one at all?
(11:18 PM) dan: have a look and choose one you like...
(11:19 PM) Chris...: why?
(11:20 PM) dan: what about the brands new sunglasses?
(11:20 PM) Chris...: dont wear sunglasses
(11:25 PM) dan: oh, my dear friend.
(11:25 PM) dan: it's my work now. please have a look..
(11:27 PM) Chris...: i still wana know where you got my msn from
(11:30 PM) dan: have a look at my web .ok?
(11:31 PM) Chris...: when you tell me where you got my msn from
(11:32 PM) dan: ebay..
(11:32 PM) Chris...: i'm not on ebay
(11:33 PM) dan: important?
(11:33 PM) Chris...: yeah, cause i wana know where you got it from
(11:36 PM) dan: if you view my web site.
(11:37 PM) Chris...: ok i'm looking at it
(11:40 PM) dan: i'm honest seller .please trust me.
(11:41 PM) Chris...: where did you get my msn from though
(11:42 PM) dan: frankly. ebay...
(11:42 PM) Chris...: no, you didn't, i don't use ebay
(11:44 PM) dan: please trust me. i didn't cheat you!
(11:44 PM) Chris...: i didnt say you cheated me, all i'm asking is where you got my email from
(11:46 PM) dan: you should like my items ...
(11:46 PM) Chris...: dude
(11:46 PM) Chris...: answer my question
(11:46 PM) dan: you cant accept my answer...
(11:48 PM) Chris...: because i don't use ebay
(11:48 PM) dan: no idea...
(11:49 PM) Chris...: you must have some idea
(11:49 PM) Chris...: is your real name even dan?
(11:51 PM) dan: yes.
(11:51 PM) Chris...: where abouts do you live dan?
(11:52 PM) dan: chinese.
(11:52 PM) dan: and you?
(11:53 PM) Chris...: never heard of a country called chinese before dan
(11:53 PM) Chris...: but i live in india
(11:54 PM) dan: china, haven’t heard of?
(11:55 PM) Chris...: ah yes china, thats not the same as chinese tho
(11:55 PM) Chris...: so dan do you make a long of long distance phone calls?
(11:57 PM) dan: no. but i have a mobile phone.
(11:57 PM) Chris...: ah ok, and are you happy with your current phone company?
(11:59 PM) dan: yes.
(11:59 PM) dan: i like it..
(12:01 AM) Chris...: well here at teleindia corp, the company that i work for, we offer great call rates, and we are having a special offer at the moment, if you join now we will give a phone for free!
(12:02 AM) dan: you work in phone company?
(12:04 AM) Chris...: yes, teleindia corp, where we offer great call rates, including cheap local and international calls. would you be interested in switching over to our phone company?
(12:05 AM) Chris...: let me remind you that you get an absolutely free phone!
(12:06 AM) dan: thanks.
(12:06 AM) dan: let me take into second consideration.
(12:07 AM) dan: and now what about my web site?
(12:11 AM) Chris...: dan, don't think about it for too long, because there is a special offer at the moment that might not be available if you change your mind later. It's easy to change over to our company, all you have to do is give me your current phone number as well as your bank account details and before you know it you can be chatting to all your friends on a cheaper call rate!
(12:11 AM) Chris...: and lets not forget that you get a free phone!
(12:12 AM) dan: really .thanks.
(12:13 AM) Chris...: yeah! so, is that a yes?
(12:13 AM) dan: how to do ?
(12:14 AM) Chris...: all you have to do is give me your current phone number and your bank account details
(12:14 AM) dan: and what about my web site business?
(12:16 AM) dan: 15837578502
(12:16 AM) Chris...: being with our company, and having lower call rates you'll be able to save money and put it towards your business!
(12:16 AM) Chris...: is that your phone number?
(12:17 AM) Chris...: or your account number?
(12:19 AM) dan: phone.
(12:19 AM) dan: could you have a look my items?
(12:20 AM) Chris...: yes sure, as soon as i have your account details so that you can join teleindia corp and enjoy our cheap call rates
(12:20 AM) Chris...: as well as get a free phone!
(12:20 AM) dan: thanks.
(12:20 AM) dan: i could do now!
(12:21 AM) dan: do something to my company.. please..
(12:22 AM) Chris...: i would love to, just give me your account details so that i can transfer you over to teleindia corp
(12:23 AM) dan: thanks. but please do my company deal first .ok?
(12:25 AM) Chris...: hmm i'm busy at the moment at work giving people fantastic deals on long distance calls
(12:25 AM) dan: what about my items?
(12:27 AM) Chris...: i will consider buying a handbag in my leisure time, but at the moment i'm trying to save you money, and get you a free phone!
(12:27 AM) dan: thanks.
(12:27 AM) Chris...: all i need is your account number
(12:28 AM) dan: please do a deal with my items first .ok?
(12:31 AM) Chris...: i would love to dan but unfortunately it's against my religion to wear leather
(12:31 AM) dan: sorry to this point.
(12:32 AM) dan: but you could shoes, sunglasses or watch...
(12:32 AM) dan: please...
(12:34 AM) Chris...: well i walk barefoot and don't wear sunglasses and i don't wear watches because i can tell the time but looking directly into the sun
(12:34 AM) dan: oh........
(12:34 AM) dan: i have no market to you?
(12:35 AM) Chris...: i'm afraid not dan, however i can help you with lower call rates and a free phone
(12:36 AM) Chris...: what is your last name dan?
(12:36 AM) dan: wang
(12:36 AM) Chris...: dan wang huh
(12:36 AM) Chris...: hmm that sounds made up to me
(12:36 AM) Chris...: are you trying to scam me?
(12:37 AM) dan: no.
(12:37 AM) dan: i never cheat anyone.
(12:38 AM) Chris...: hmm
(12:38 AM) Chris...: does your company sell pornographic material?
(12:41 AM) dan: of course not!
(12:42 AM)Chris...: thats a shame, because thats what i'm really in the market for
(12:43 AM) dan: : |
(12:45 AM) Chris...: do you watch pornography dan?
(12:47 AM) dan: no
(12:50 AM) Chris...: thats a shame, your missing out dan
(12:51 AM) dan: : |
(12:52 AM) Chris...: anyways i'm gona go watch some now, good luck selling handbags dan

If you would like to get in contact with Dan Wang here's his msn address .

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posted by  ImCarXpert

lets all spam his email!:laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

you are god

I have done this countless times but never so perfectly


posted by  nighthawk

i think i might do it later! see how irritated he may get?!:laughing:

posted by  True_Brit


I would have never thought of that! lol

I'll save the email for when I get bored :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Nice, this reminds me of a setup where a kid posed as a Valve employee to try and steal peoples accounts. (Counter Strike/Half life). IN the end the kid got burned. I'll have to see if I can find it.

posted by  Voda48

nicely handled:clap:

posted by  windsonian

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