June 6, 2007

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A bit more literal translation.

Tell us about your first contact?
It was 6 Jun 1975 at Saint-Geniez in the Alps in Haute Provence. I saw a red light in the sky, a sort of ball that sped over me. I was frightened but it stopped a few meters from me. And after that I dont’ remember anything

How were you able to tell it was an Encounter of the Third Kind?
It was easy because the XTs always went about in the same manner: They erased my memory but after about 2 years the images returned in my head. In my memories I visualized little gray men with big heads. They measured about 1.60m and communicated via telepathy.

What did they tell you?
Foremost they mentioned the name Antoll MA, Who is a numerologist and is identified as Jesus CHRIST. They also proposed to elect me master of the world. But I am 56 you know, I only have 4 years to do it.

Why is there an age restriction on the Master of the World?
Good question. He has to be between 50 and 60 years old. It is too late for me but I have the responsibility of naming the future master of the world

Sincerely, do you think they are serious?
Yes, definitely. You know, it is very disturbing to the world that I have tried so hard to protect. I received death threats. It is for that reason that I asked for a police presence on the last Jun 6 when I visited the XTs

Did they come? I would have thought that XTs didn’t need police.
Not at all. Because the sun wasn’t shining. The rain was discouraging. I decided that they weren’t going to show up until the time was right. There were journalists, police, spectators.... I even invited Nicolas Sarkozy

The president came?
No, one that day he was at the G8 summit. He couldn’t be in two places at once.

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