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... or in this case our worthless rent-a-cop, are at it again.

Just logged in and found these two beauties in my inbox.

And this;

Further proof that immature children shouldn't be given any responsibility, need constant adult supervision and should never be entrusted with any form of power. They just can't handle it.

Do all of the members on this forum realize that they "have no right to object without good cause"? REALLY? And who determines what is "a good cause"? An impartial panel of judges? Nope. A person who is able to look at the situation with complete objectivity? Not a chance. The person who decides is the person you have the objection with. In this case the dumbass who has, and has had for a loooong time, a beef with me. Only a moron from a third class country could come up with that bullsh*t.

Cliffy, you really ought to try this for once in your pathetic life. Stop hiding behind silly rules and regulations. If you were half a man and worthy of any respect, people would listen to you because they could see you were capable of making rational judgements and had something intelligent to say, not because you have a badge and a whistle. Of course that's not the way it is. Anytime someone challenges you, you come back with "READ THE RULES". Because you're a bitch. "I'M CLIFFY, AND YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT I SAY, EVEN IF IT MAKES NO SENSE. LISTEN TO ME. I CAN EDIT AND DELETE POSTS. I'M IMPORTANT." No you're not. Never have been, never will be. We all know it, and deep down, so do you. That's why it hurts so much.

Have a nice day, and save the threats for someone who gives a sh*t.

P.S. Have fun deleting this thread. I'm sure it'll make you feel like a man. Too bad it won't make you one.

posted by  vwhobo

i think he just has a lot of fun being a bully when in real life he is the one being bullied. its not about being fair, its about him pretending to be god.

posted by  glagon1979

Ka-CHING. We have a winner. But then you live in a place where speech is free and you have to survive on your own merit. I bet you're a man who does a fine job. In the US, people like Cliffy wouldn't last a week.

Uh-oh, I bet this gets deleted too.

P.S. Don't forget Cliffy, this is MY THREAD. You have no right to object.

posted by  vwhobo

lol finally something interesting is happening on this forum...


posted by  GreekWarrior

Not for long, because it'll have to be deleted. It hasn't been approved by Cliffy's Ministry of Thought Approval.

posted by  vwhobo

Are you talking about Cliffy or Hobo?:mrgreen:

posted by  giant016


It gets better. It has just come to my attention that a thread I was involved in yesterday with some new stoned woman and one of our wannabe auto repair advisors has been COMPLETELY deleted. Gone. Vanished. Out of here. More repressive thought police action. Everyone needs to make copies of everything they post on this forum because it's no longer safe from the uber-censors.


Can I answer your question with a question? Who has the undeserved and out of control power? Not me.

posted by  vwhobo

How ever so interesting you should mention this. If YOU were half a man worthy of any respect, perhaps YOU would still be a moderator. But since you're an arrogant prick, you ABUSED YOUR privleges that were handed to you and now look at you. Every time we do something that doesn't "tickle your fancy" you come around, starting threads bitch about how much "CFs moderators suck". How about this, how about you stop bitching, and if you don't like something we do, CALMLY and with NO name calling, PM us with a SUGGESTION. Sound good to you cupcake? Of course not.

::EDIT:: If you think the moderation on this forum sucks so badly, why are you still here?

posted by  Satty101

No matter how many times you repeat a lie, it's still a lie. I did not abuse my moderator privileges. I refused to be a member of a moderation “team” that included you and your butt buddy Cliffy. In other words I put ethics and principles before position. That’s the difference between a little boy like you and a man… A difference you’ll never experience.

Hey, while we’re talking about abuse of power, tell everyone about your alter ego ws6transam, or whatever you called yourself. Go ahead, we’d all like to hear about your plan to bait me into an argument so you could ban me.


EDIT: There it is. Go ahead and deny it.

posted by  vwhobo

Is there more to that thread? I'm just wondering how you know he's Satty. I know the typing matches up, but I think I almost type like that too. I'm not saying he isn't, I'm just saying how do we know he is?

posted by  Nissan_Altima

There's no more to the thread, but there's a lot more to the story. He's already avoided the issue in the past, then both he and Cliffy lied about it in the thread. I do have absolute confirmation that what I say is the truth, including including intent and IP matches from at least three seperate sources. But he's a moderator, so he doesn't have to answer, he can just edit, delete and ban. We should call him Cheesehead Hitler.

posted by  vwhobo

If you dont like it noone is forcing you to stay. Instead of being an attention whore, go about with your life away from the boards...:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

posted by  newyorker

he's still here b/c we need to balance out folks like you with people that actually know things and give out useful information...

posted by  dodger65

Wasnt there a time when like 5 member had the same IP address? I was accused of being like 5 members or something like that?

posted by  SyntheticTrust

That's true, yes. I think it has something to do with dynamic IP addresses or something. Pot. Kettle. Black, hobo.....remember Autopro? He has no proof that the other member was Satty, obviously.

Ok, now for the intended response to this thread. I am not some sort of power freak, infact I'm very laid back. Hobo is the one who has had the grudge against me, and he, as unknowingly as it might have been, just admitted that in the following remark...

So the following quote isn't exactly true. If I have had issues with hobo in the past, it's only in reaction to his outbursts...

In all truth I had every intention of deleting this thread, as I knew it was going to be written as soon as I PM'd vwhobo and tydied my thread up. Thing is hobo, you are predictable, everybody knows exactly what step you're going to make next. I for one even foresaw what the name of this thread was going to be! I must be psychic...No, actually, not psychic, I can just read you like a book. Any member worth listening to hear at CF knows that I have always just had the interest of this place in mind when moderating it. As has Satty and tbaxleyjr.

PS; I meant to include in one of the PMs I sent, a note NOT to bother starting a thread about this.....My mistake.

posted by  Cliffy

I do believe so. Same situation different people affected.

Hey, and as long as you brought up that blatent lie, how about how you went ahead and started deleting tons of posts behind every moderators back INCLUDING Adam. Oh, and FYI, I wasn't a mod when your privledges got revoked. You don't intimmidate me hobo. You never will. So keep arguing with me. Maybe we'll get so far along the line that the copy and paste is brought up again mr. "I am a car genius". That damaged your ego back then, and probably will have the same effect today. Then who knows. Maybe you'll end up getting perma-banned. You had your temp. ban as a warning. So the balls in your court. How far do you wanna take it?

posted by  Satty101

Man quit your bitchin. You sound like you got a little sand in your vagina.

There is no freedom to speech on this forum, because it is someones personal property, and they can do with it as they pleae, and apparently the please, that cliffy be a moderator.

Oh and Im VWHOBO im an old man who gets on line and just stirs up shit, and I have a small man complex, so I belittle everyone else.

posted by  Enthusiast

Granted New yorker is a dumbass, Im pretty sure VWHOBO, NEVER gives out useful information.

posted by  Enthusiast

Yes he does.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Well I just went back and did a search for all of his posts after a few pages I got tired of it, but I have come to the conclusion, that they are almost always demeaning and laced with sarcasm. Pretty Useful, kinda hard to figure something out when some ass comes into your thread starts bitchin then throws the whole thread off topic.

posted by  Enthusiast

I'd rather be yelled at and given the solution to my problem rather than have 4 people be nice to me and give me bad information.:2cents:
Show me a member who has helped more people than he has on this site.

posted by  giant016

I'd say ChrisV takes that prize.

posted by  GreekWarrior

He gives out valuable info 1/50 posts...the others he bashes members or asks others "really well if you werent retarded you would know you are wrong"...whats the point of that?

posted by  newyorker

but that is just the way he does things. he's helped me plenty. i believe that as long as you dont say or do anything stupid, he wont bash you. simply put, if you dont know the answer dont pretend like you do, or in some cases, simply ask a question with all the info the first time. i dont think its too much to ask.

posted by  glagon1979

Do you think if you had all the info you would be asking questions anyways. People ak things to learn and sometimes they have things wrong no need to flip out on them.

You should definetly do a search on his old posts and you will see that almost all of his posts include a personal attack of some sort.

posted by  Enthusiast

my point is not everyone states year, make, model, engine size, and type of transmission. yes some questions, some of the info is not needed. have you noticed that he attacks the people who act like complete morons? i would treat that person the same way if they came into my store. working in the automotive world, we get sick of people calling and asking if they could have a wheel for their car and they know nothing about the car they are working on. you wouldnt believe some of the phone calls i get. used lug nuts, used gaskets, etc. believe it or not but i have searched some of his old posts and i really dont see anything wrong with them except maybe he is being a little harsh on SOME people, but it is to be expected. i'll have to find it but i found a rant on about the same thing. i'll post it when i find it

posted by  glagon1979

And when people DO post the proper info, he still gives them crap. That or he questions other peoples answers, but rarely gives out any actual information...:screwy:. And right now hes getting exactly what he wants...attention. Why dont we all stop posting here and wait for him to get banned??

posted by  newyorker

but i dont want him to get banned.

posted by  glagon1979

I wish he was nicer..He's unpredictable.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

the thing is, you could say " does anyone know where to find a temp gauge for me grand am ... its dark green "

you will get flamed like crazy because the question makes no sense and we cant answer it

plenty of occasions ive seen someone come in with lots of information, one or two honest questions and a good account of what is wrong or whatever the problem is, hobo comes out, helps the person, maybe cracks a pun and unfountanetly the said member never comes back but thats beside the point

people who are afraid to post here shouldnt post here, I cant think of a way to put it

posted by  nighthawk

YES!!!!! that is exactly what im talking about. everyday i battle against ignorance.
them " i need a tranny for my truck. you got one?"
me " what kind of truck?"
them "chevy"
me "chevy what?"
this is the kind of crap we deal with on a regular basis

posted by  glagon1979

fair enough, but the decision is not up to just saying that only one of 50 or so posts is actually useful coming from his keyboard

posted by  newyorker

you wouldnt believe how clueless some people dad went to pep boys looking for motor oil for his toyota.....just a toyota motor oil, he didnt even know about viscosity, not even the numbers, but he thought all motor oil was universal

posted by  newyorker

banning hobo should be out of the question. Yes he can be mean and sarcatic at times but its all for the good. Guess what, if someone is mean to you once, you learn your lesson. I have asked hobo tons of questions and he never gives direct answers. He tries to get you involved so you can find the answer. He guides you in which direction to go. If he would just give you the straight up answer then you wouldnt know why its right. By being ignorant, saracastic, mean, he is helping you guys out. There is a real world out there where answers aren't handed to you.
For the people who don't like hobo stfu and dont read his posts then. There are plenty of members who he has helped and there are plenty of members that appreciate his help.

posted by  V-Tec

Where is hobo

posted by  SyntheticTrust

I work in a shop to glagon and I aware of people liek that, trust me. People come in and don't even know what kind of car they drive, there like its a nissan or a mazda I can't remeber , but instead of calling them idiots and morons and being a COMPLETE ASS, I go out and show them, wether it be the weight of oil they should run, tire pressure, how to see tire sizes, engine displacement, cause trust me if a guy walked in and said hey I need some tires but I dont know what size and I said Hey your a dipshit go look, it wouldn't get anything accomplished.

The only reason hobo is on here is to stir shit up and talk down to people.

posted by  Enthusiast

Oh and thi whole thread started because people's shits gettin deleted, and they think they have some right to say it and not have it deleted because of freedom of speech. Not on this forum, as I said before it i someones property and they can do with it a they want, and apparently they want Cliffy to be a moderator. So your gonna have to deal with it. If you can't, quit your bitching and get the hell out.
If you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

posted by  Enthusiast

I'm innocent because I know someone's gonna come on here and say "Satty banned him cause he abuses his powers."

For the record, he's NOT banned...yet.

posted by  Satty101

This forum has turned to sh*t.

Look at yourselves, arguing over a reason why we should or shouldn't ban one of this forums top posters.

Enthusiast, like you said you have to get things wrong to learn from them but having people think they what they know is right is bad sometimes because they pass their "knowledge" on to other people who know less then them and thus the cycle of idiocy continues.

This is where Hobo comes in and corrects people, ok so he does it a bit harshly, more so then he has to but hey that's him and he's not going to change because a couple of people on an internet forum want him to and don't like it. I remember when I first join here he put me in my place plenty of times on occasions when i was answering somebody's question, which I turned out to have the wrong answer.

*sigh* Why can't we go back to like it was acouple of years ago, it was good..well better anyway. But none of you who posted here (apart from the mods) would know what it was like back then when I first joined.

In conclusion banning Hobo in my opinion will add to the downhill slope of this forum.

posted by  GreekWarrior

everyone needs to calm down, don't make such a big deal about being picked on or he called me a bad name on the internet or he's being mean to me and I don't like it. It makes everyone look stupid because you guys whine about someone who is "whining". If you can't figure out why the quotes on there then thats why you have such a hard time reading hobos post's.

The mod team...STOP trying to bring up the rules, it makes you guys look extremely stupid because it shows you have no control or power. I got fired from my job mainly because I acted like hobo and had a bunch of managers like our mods. I brought up issues that they didn't want to hear in a manner that was blunt and to the point. They singled me out and got me in trouble for any little rule that they I broke, they even made 5 new rules to try and get me in trouble.

Stop getting emotional over an internet forum, people hear name calling everyday, people hear cussing everyday. Are you to tell me that everytime you hear someone cuss or call someone a name you walk over to them and tell them to behave and shape up, the answer is NO. You can hear the cussing and namecalling on here, so do what you do in your normal life. IGNORE IT AND DON'T RESPOND, you'll save time and headache. Will people read my post, yes, will people understand my post, perhaps, will people listen to my post, probably not. The moral is I have time to kill right now and people are stupid.

posted by  salimander13

i'm sure the apple didn't fall far from the tree...

posted by  dodger65

its cool, I'm not one to back down thats why my parents say that I have to have my own company or else i'll just keep running into problems. I have two jobs now so its not worries. The way I see it, it's a learning experience and it was for the best.

posted by  salimander13

I miss those times..:ohcrap:

posted by  Bubba

Yeah right.

Your level of moderation is directly proportional to your dislikeness of the member. You pick favorites.

Tight-assed people have sent this forum downhill. Everyone calls for someone to be banned, when in reality it is much better for the forum if that particular bitch asking for a ban just IGNORED THE MEMBER THEY WANT GONE. The ignore option is still available, isn't it?

Too many people were eliminated, too many "discussions" were cut short because members who aren't obligated to "click" on all conversations complained about topics/arguements/discussions they didn't have to participate in. You may not want to read something, but someone else may.

If people can stop their eyes from drifting towards conversations or people they don't want to see, this forum would be a lot better. No one needs to be banned...or threatened, Satty.

Shut up, you coward.

posted by  What

Some interesting comments have been made here. I am a naturally helpful person, I wouldn't get by in my job if I wasn't (my paid job, not my UNPAID one). Some people would rather slag people off for not knowing something than they would help them to find a resollution to their problem. Hobo is a helpful character in his own right, he's just a knobhead along with it. I for one think his term "The Thought Police" is getting a tad tiresome now. We don't control your thoughts guys, we edit/censor/delete (what ever one suits you best) your posts or threads if they get out of hand or if there's provocative text etc included. It's not and never has been about abusing our power and anybody who thinks otherwise needs to take a long hard look at their own posting habits.

Now here's a few home thruths. vwhobo has never liked me, he seems to think I've always had a grudge against him (unless I read incorrectly in this thread), but as he has already admited here and as I have already quoted, it is clearly the other way round. hobo is only "my friend" when things are going his way, and when I am doing things in relation to the forum, that HE wants me to do. This is where he starts to fall apart you see, as to be a good leader you have to display a neutral ballance between members and treat everybody in the same way. I am a laid back person who believes in if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well. That's why I'll always endeavour to keep CF tidy and make sure things are posted where they should be etc.

I personally get annoyed and cross at some people here sometimes, call it sad or call it what ever you please, but it's just one of those things that comes with the territory of being on the front line. Ok, now for the rules. The rules were put in place by myself, with the blessing of the Admin (Adam) and the other Mods, and were checked by Adam, who said that they were fine. Now I personally have "loosely" enforced the rules on previous occasions because we are all adult enough to have a banter without needing to draw a line under what is allowed and what is not. I don't let swearing etc get me down as I've always worked in a male orientated environment and as such, am used to plenty of bad language. I will continue to enforce only the most important rules as they should be enforced, and leave the rest down to discretion, as I'm sure will the other Mods.

Now for the reason this thread was started again. I copy/pasted a conversation between myself and vwhobo in to the Random Thread because the thread that we were talking in was going too far off topic. I found this ok and still do. Problem was that hobo didn't agree so he copy/pasted it back. Now by this time I was wondering whether or not he was having a laugh and also wondering why he wants to pick holes in EVERYTHING I do. Anyway, I then cleaned up all but the relevant posts in the thread that the argument emerged over, which was why this thread was started I believe. Hobo, I sincerely appologise if you thought I was petty in only copy/pasting some of the articles in that other thread, but my reasoning was completely innocent.

Bottom line is guys, we are here to stay, and as such we will endeavour to do what ever we see fit to do, as Mods, to make CF a welcoming place for everybody!

posted by  Cliffy

thats the sole reason he should be banned...or she...we dont even know

posted by  newyorker

"ignore" button---know it, love it, use it...:thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

i do!!! pick me pick me

i remember back in the day, ohh... around december of 2002, when i first got here... problems like this never arose... it would really be nice to have the admin unfed back here. he kept everything in order really nicely.

i have to agree with hobo about a lot of things that have gone on... it almost reminds me of communist russia... when a mod doesnt agree with something, things tend to just dissapear.

also, the wrong things get delt wiith.. stupid things get deleted, while children have rediculous flame wars that shoulod have been stopped before it went to far. everyone always has sometrhing to say somewhere that takes a thread wayyyyy off topic... for example the "import guys" thread... the hell happened there?

why cant anyone get long? sure, everyone happens to have different opinions, but dont attack them.this forum really has fallen apart. why do i still visit it? i dont know. first car forum i found, it is kinda cool being the longest member to still frequent. i think thats it. how many people do you think get any real info on this forum? im gunna guess not to many...

i think the only people i can honestly say i really respect for the fact that they know what they are talking about and doesnt put in their 2 cents every place they go is hobo, and chango and if hobo does throw in his 2 cents, harsh ceents, its more often then not well deserved.

now im not saying i dont disrespect any of you, and if i do, chances are they know who they are. cough cough... now lets get it togather and not be so power hungry.

posted by  mazda6man

ding ding ding we have a winner, you sir have won a top of the range washer and dryer, congratulations. :clap:

seriously though, I think this is the problem, we need an admin on this forum, someone who can police the police.

posted by  GreekWarrior

why would you want to put your washer and dryer on top of your range?:screwy:

posted by  dodger65

then you put a toilet and sink in it and it's like an off-road RV.

posted by  windsonian

Perfect...except this is :laughing:

posted by  67Coronet383

that's pretty funny... i meant range like a stove....:laughing: :laughing:

posted by  dodger65

Remember, there's a reason it's called "adult language." ;) If we act like adults then it follows we get to use adult language... hehehehehe

Somebody says something stupid/acts stupid or insulting, I should be able to tell them that they said something stupid/are stupid or respond in kind. Especially if I can prove my point. I remember telling Hobo one time that he should give people a chance first. he's effectively proven his point that most people that start out acting retarded don't deserve the second chance. No amount of being nice will ever make their ilk go away. And venting/responding to people on a forum like this is safer than doing so to coworkers/morons on the road, etc, both for us AND them.

posted by  ChrisV

Don't we all.

The bottom line is that this forum where it is now, right now. It sure would be great to have UFF, but we don't--deal with it.

Hobo: I've given you respect and I've listened to you, but ever since you surrendered your moderation privs after an argument with Adam (yes, I remember a post where either you, a moderator, or Adam himself said that just after your rights, which I first discovered and posted about on April 18, 2004, were lost) you have been complaining about the moderation staff here. I know you said something about this just a few months after losing your rights. The fact is that no matter how much you piss and moan, nothing's going to change--deal with it.

To that same effect: no matter how much we complain about Hobo, he will not leave forever/be banned forever. He's a main-stay of CF. Hobo may be an asshole, and he loves to be one, he is pretty helpful. There are tons of members here who have beefs with him, but there are also those who hang on his every word--deal with it.

This forum is shit now in my opinion. Granted I'm not too active anymore, but I'm not because I don't see a point. It's all drama now. Back in the day it wasn't. We need Adam back, we need more mods, we need more activity relating to cars, etc. The point is I can't see anything happening anytime soon, so all these posts complaining about over-bearing mods are useless. People who aren't in power will always complain about what their leaders are doing wrong. The same things have been said about every mod on here that I know of (except for tbax as far as I can tell).

Don't think hobo's modding got beefs? Here are some easy-to-find ones (mostly because I remembered where they all were).

Example 1 (

Example 2 (

Example 3 ( rts+muscle)

I'm getting tired of this BS.

posted by  StiMan

I must say, you are always the voice of reason, John. I agree that this place is rubbish in comparison what it was once like, but I'm not planning on leaving. UFF told me via PM a couple of years ago that he has a new job and would be visiting more often, but that hasn't happened and he only seems to pop by to install important upgrades or something, that's why you'll see that he has been here within the last few months. I have become annoyed over the past couple of years with hobo complaining about my personal moderation of this place, but on EVERY occasion I have had reason to do what I have done, be it deleting posts/threads, moving threads, or censoring threads, I have had good reason to do so. It all amounts to hobo's grudge against me and the fact that he never wanted me to become a Mod. Was it because Adam asked the other Mods at the time for their oppinion and hobo was far from pleased? I don't know, but I know that if ANYBODY linked me to a thread where I have been in the firing line, I can explain my actions truthfully and concisly, both at the time, and now. I can also truthfully say that I have alwaysb taken my job seriously, and I do my best for CF, as do we all.

What the hell, if hobo does ever decide to respond to this, no doubt he'll have his own freash complaints.

posted by  Cliffy

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