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With VWHOBOs recent and continous shirt stirring, I decided to actually read the rules and I read the first one and had to stop to ask a question.

here it is

I understand that you guys don't want a bunch of repeat threads, but everytime someone does this and actually posts in the old thread they are crucified for reviving old threads. Just wondering...

posted by  Enthusiast

Within reason. It comes down to common sense really. If a member revives an old thread to offer advice to a member that hasn't posted sinse starting said thread 2+yrs ago, yes they'll be showed the error of their ways. However, if a member revives a thread to add to the conversation and/or give his/her opinion on a suject, that's fine. We might jokingly say about the thread not dying or something, but we'll only seriously say anything if it's clearly pointless reviving the thread. At the same time, if somebody starts a thread that was already posted 4 yrs ago, and it's not a common thread, or one about a subject that has been discussed to death, that's fine too. Hope that helps. :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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