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So what've I missed? Anything? This forum doens't seem to be dead quite yet :laughing:

Well, if anyone cares, I've been working all summer and just started college at Clemson University. My planned major at the moment is copmuter science, so we'll see what happens with that.

Nothing's changed with the Civic. I was interested in maybe turbo charging it but all's I could find was a $2,100 supercharger kit soooo...scratch that.

And there's a sports car club here at Clemson, I'm going to be getting involved with that. They don't have a lot to autocross in this semester, but they're working on finding a place, so hopefully that'll work out. In the meantime I guess I'll jsut be hanging out and going to shows and a couple of dragstrips.

How's everyone been?

posted by  jedimario

Welcome back, Jedi!

Not alot has been happening round here....just the usual CF drama of course, lol. Glad the Civic is still good!

posted by  Cliffy

/leaves again

:laughing: jk

posted by  jedimario

Congrats on Clemson, great school!

posted by  struTTinTelloS

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