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I'm kinda new to the programming scene so if any of you out there can help me i'l seriously appreciate it.
I'm trying to indtall mac on my pc using ubuntu and the mac file (img).
i followed the instructtions given to open up a terminal window and insert the following...
dd bs=1048576 if=./tiger-x86-flat.img of=/dev/hda
when i enter this and hit ENTER
it says no such file or directory.
I have my osx fiel on a usb drive.
So basically i'm stuck right there. Please guys i really need ur help on this please reply as soon as possible. thanks.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

This is just a guess, but maybe in the BIOS you have to set USB drive at the top of the boot order (if your PC has the option), or put OS X on a CD/DVD.

posted by  chris_knows

You can install Mac on PC? Isn't that an oxymoron in a sense?

posted by  97Talonchik

Wait, found something. Apparently you have it set to boot to the USB drive. Check the instructions again, and if you want to know what drive your USB drive is, then type "dmesg" in the terminal.

Also, apparently, while Mac OS X is based on Unix, it might still have some hardware issues.

Talonchick - This is the first I've heard of it too, but I know you can install Windows XP on a Mac, but I can't see any real reason in paying twice as much for a computer and installing an operating system that crashes twice as often lol.

posted by  chris_knows

Installing Mac OS X on a pc has been done before several times by some people i know. If you have a decent powered pc you shouldn't have major performance issues, atleast thats what i've heard. U just can't pop in a MAC OS X cd or dvd on a pc and expect it to work. U have to install special files to make it compatible.

Anyway i tried going into my bios and setting it to boot up in usb.
problem was it only had these options...


and something else that i can't remember. I tried all these combinations with no success. it just would not boot with my usb drive. maybe my motherboard is kinda old. I wouldn't be having this problem if Ubuntu had let me install mac on my internal hard drive. I tried my best for 2 days to make it work but failed. since I had no operating system on my computer i installed Ubuntu.
To be honest it could give microsoft a run for its money. But is a little too complicated for the average xp user. :smoke:

posted by  speeder

For mac os x to work on a pc, you have to install it using ubuntu which will format ur hard drive and install the mac operating system on the drive . Which is quite risky since i almost lost my hard drive trying to accomplish it.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

I've installed Ubuntu without formatting. What you do is use Norton Partition Magic to create a new partition from the free space on your hard drive, on which to install Ubuntu.

How big is it? Couldn't you put it on a CD?

Also, the entire purpose of Macs is that they are simpler to use than PC's lol.

posted by  chris_knows

You mean the mac file? its 1.36gb. It's a .tar file which means u need extracting software. once extracted it'll be 6gb. That's why i used a usb drive instead of a cd. The mac file your supposed to use is something called VMWare files for patched Mac OS X Tiger Intel.
took me ages to get it.

To install mac u don't need to install ubuntu all u need is for ubuntu to boot from the cd. open up the terminal in ubuntu and type in the line in my first post hit enter and it should do the rest. but my hard drive was denying me access for some reason. i even tried going to the root and trying tot ype i the line but still no luck.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

Have you asked in any computer forums? Somebody there would have to know.

posted by  chris_knows

Tried it. I followed all the advice given but..... nothing. maybe my hard drive is locked or something.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

installing os x on anything other than an apple or mac is illegal and I doubt it will install on a pc. just go with ubuntu, it's similar and in some ways better. but there is software out there which is basically a hacked version of os x and will install on a pc; look around.

Honestly, linux or even os x is kind of a pain in the ass depending on what your into, I game, a lot... and I got, and got rid of ubuntu within a day, because emulators are slow and I didn't see much benefit from switching over. But if you edit video or do 3d stuff and windows renders too slow for you, or you just want to use apple programs, then go for it, but it's a lot of work.

x64 bit windows xp is what I use, and it's great for me (until dx 10 gets moving :sleep: ).

good luck. :thumbs:

posted by  azkid110

FINALLY SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:clap:

I finally managed to get mac os x tiger working on my pc perfectly. Graphics look incredible, sounds great too. there are only two problems. First, mac os x can't detect my network card, so i couldn't go on to the internet.Second, the dvd player plus itunes doesnt work besides that perfect It takes about half the time xp takes to load. shutting down is the best part, doesn't even take 3 seconds. anyway just wanted you guys to know that i finally did it. Thanks for trying to help guys.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

Congrats! How did you do it?

posted by  chris_knows

Well i started from scratch. Got a fresh copy of the software. loaded ubuntu and looked very carefully at all my drives. Turns out that my hard drive was labelled sda and not hda as stated in the instructions. SO i replaced the end of the line of command with sda instead of hda. It took a few minuted then it was done. restarted it and there it was the apple loading screen. To be honest i was shocked that it actually wokred after 3 months of trying but it finally paid off.

posted by  speeder

No internet, no Itunes compatibility. really paid off. :orglaugh:

posted by  dodgerforlife

When i said it paid off i meant getting it to run on my pc hardware.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

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