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I was looking at getting the Kicker's 6x9 ds series coax 3 ways, i was wondering if anybody has ever had them or if they know if they produce, loud, tight sound?

Also for a sub I'm just going to leave my 12" diamond audio D3 that I took from my truck and mold it where the spare tire goes. Should I turn it upside down so the bass hits the car or rightside up. It will be ported btw

posted by  99integra

nice to see im not the only one with speakers haha, but 6x9's usually produce a very nice crisp sound as long as they are a good brand an are hooked up right. im runnin to MTX 10's an 2 Crunch Groundpounder 12's an you can her me from about 2 blocks away

posted by  hhsrastler92

sorry... i'm a little confused by the plan. You're moulding it into the spare tyre slot, and porting it. what sort of box are you planning? this may determine your direction

posted by  windsonian

if i could draw you a picture i would, i saw the same install on another car and it looked nice. This pic isn't his car, the car had 3 JBL subs in a triangle with them plexiglassed so you could put shit on them still.

posted by  99integra

yeah, so if you do it like that, i think you'll have to have the magnets down.... ?

posted by  windsonian

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