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Dumba$$ cops

posted by  Voda48

That was harsh, lol.....

posted by  Cliffy

I saw that lol...Gets what he deserves.

posted by  chris_knows

Wow - what a ****ing psycho-cop! Damn! The guy that got pulled over seemed like a douche, but that cop went about it ALL WRONG. It seems like abuse of authority to me. He flew off the handle!:screwy: (http://www.ikeyless.com)


posted by  solsticeman2

That wasn't as bad as what happened here in PR a few weeks ago. I don't remember the story in full detail, but this is what my mother read out loud to me from the newspaper.

It was the quinceaƱera of some girl, and some of the family friends had organized for a small "parade" with their motorcycles. Apparently, they were obstructing traffic, and 3 cops showed up. The cops told the guy that seemed to be in charge that they were obstructing traffic and had no permission, and they were right so far. Problem was that the lead guy was a bit smartassed, but the lead cop was messed up. He got the guy and threw him to the floor and cuffed him, face down. He also started beating the guy with his club while everyone around kept screaming at him to stop it. The 2nd cop, a female one at that, started yelling at the 1st cop to kill him. So eventually, the 1st cop took out his gun, and shot the man 3-5 times. The 3rd cop did nothing at all, he just left along with the female cop. The 1st cop followed shortly. Sucks to be the cops, cuz one of the guys at the b-day party had a camera and filmed EVERYTHING.

1st cop is almost guaranteed to get a death sentence, while the female cop is probably going to do some jail time. 3rd cop got suspended or something, not sure, but he just got a slap on the wrist.

Then there was another case. Over at Mayaguez, which is at the NW section of the island, the director and sub-director of the PR FBI division got arrested for having a drug ring for a few years now. To make it worse, they had been unjustfully arresting citizens and planting evidence on them, saying the citizens were the ones dealing the drugs. 10 agents were arrested that same day, and more have been arrested in the following weeks. This was about..... 3-4 weeks ago now I believe. I'd link up to the newspaper, but it's in Spanish. The San Juan Star might have the stories, and it's in English.

posted by  Inygknok

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