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Hi guys, I have a serious problem here. It's a bit long so bear with me please. As I think most of you know, I use what ever PC I can get my hands on at work to visit the Forums. Anyway, I was using an office PC earlier on and as nobody usually comes in after about 8pm I thought it would be safe to leave myself logged in while I nipped down stairs...I was wrong. Somebody, the user of the PC infact, came in whilst I was down stairs and obviously saw that I was logged into a couple of Forums. Cut a long story short, he locked his PC so I could no longer access it and he left the building. It suddenly dawned on my that as his PC was locked he'd still have me logged in the internet when he unlocked it...in other words he could show my boss, and have evidence too.

So in the end I decided to shut down his PC and switch it off, now what frightens me is not only the fact that I could have deleted some of his work, but also that if you dont log out of these places properley, you stay logged in at that particular computer, so this bloke could find this site and use my username..coz I'm still logged in from his PC. One of the reasons I'm writing this is to ask UFF, mainly, if there's any way to log off the other PC from your end...even if it means changing my password or something?...the other reason is because if this office worker tell either his boss or my boss about this, I'll be fired, and I owe it to you guys to let you know that I might be away for a while if that happens. Any input would be appreciated, cheers guys! :thumbs: :ticking: :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

You should still be able to log out from any other computer. Shutting his computer down won't log you off. When he restarts his computer, he may still be pulling up CF's domain but you won't be logged on, cause he doesn't have your password. He can or anyone else can still go back and look at history to see what web sites have been visited. Good luck dummy :banghead: You remember what I said?

posted by  lectroid

lol..yeah, I remember :ohcrap: , Anyways, the reason I said about logging out etc was because when the internet crashed at another site I was working at last week, I couldn't log out (obviously)...so I went back a few days ago turnrd on the PC and all I had to do was go to this forum and I found myself already logged in!....also, do you happen to know, if this bloke locked his PC..and I switched it off...would he still have it locked when he enters his login password..if that makes sense lol...cheers for wishing me luck, I'm gonna need it I think :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

I think you may be refering to a Physical key lock on either the monitor or cpu, if so yes, it will still be locked. He will have to unlock it before he or anyone can even start the cpu. As far as any work he may have not saved? it's gone. I don't think you have anything to worry about, unless this dude is just a pure AAA asshole.

posted by  lectroid

Well..I'm not too sure what kind of lock it is...at first I was just concerned about him being able to come here as me (if he really wanted to)...then I realised he might have locked the cpu to keep the files open and drop me in it....anyways, I'd be wrong to call him an a££hole as I dont know him well enough..I just know that people in this place love dropping me in it lol...by the way, when you said do I remember what you said....I assumed you were refering to me being a dumbass? lol, cheers for the advise :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Yes, you are correct, but I can also understand how freaking BORING your job is at times.IMHO :wink2: What does"dropping me in it" mean?

posted by  lectroid

This place aint as bad as the London site...there we dont even have a TV during the night shift!...where I am now used to be alot better when the main Security Desk had Internet that was working :ticking: ..anyway, my times up..I will face the music later on tonight :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

Don't dwell on it :thumbs:

posted by  lectroid

Cheerz..*doesn't dwell* :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

When you went back and turned on the PC, the reason you ended up being logged in was because the cookies left by the site on that PC logged you in automatically, considering that logged in was the last state you left it. Had you gone to this site from a different computer (that had never been here yet) it wouldn't have been logged in AND you would have seen that you were not, in fact, logged in from the other PC.

If you turned his PC off, it is no longer logged in to this site. BUT, if he knows how to GET to the site, then it WILL automatically log in as you, due to that being the last state you left the cookies at (when you log out, it clears all the cookies from this site.)

Logging out from another computer won't stop HIS computer from automatically logging in under your name when it gets to the site. You have to have the browser set to not automatically log you in OR delete all cookies from the browser cache folder.

Finally, when you turn off the computer, all states that were left at the time of power down are shut off. It will have to go through normal boot up, and it will be in the same state on boot up that it ALWAYS is on boot up. If that's a locked state, then it will be locked. if it ALWAYS requires his password to boot up, then it will still require that. It's not like coming back from a password protected screen saver...

posted by  ChrisV

ChrisV summed it up quite nicely...

If you didn't check the remember me box when you logged in, you're safe... cause that way your user details kept in server with a unique session id... and it expires after 15 minutes of inactivity...

but if you did, then you need to change your password and PM me...

posted by  Unfedfat

Thanx for the info Chris, whilst I was travelling home the other morning, I relised that the staff member couldn't have left the CF screen displayed on his screen because if he did I wouldn't be able to log in because there would be a 'Cliffy' already on the list lol..that or I would see two of me there!

UFF, I think I'll have to PM you regarding the password..I'll do it shortly..thanx! :thumbs:

Edit: Oh, and this means I haven't been fired yet..I think I'm probably safe for now...*touches wood*

posted by  Cliffy

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