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Cheers to the valued members of the devoted car performance community,

I’ve been browsing car forums and performance websites for a while, and can’t help but ask, how can they be better? Many of these forums exist as a place for likeminded people to congregate, however I find that many of the features given in these forums lack the ability for me to express my interests on an individual scale.

Having considered this I ask you the members of the community to give feedback on what motivates you to express your interests as a car enthusiast.

·What works?
oWhat doesn’t work/needs improvement?
·What functionality would interest you?
·What flexibility do you want, but currently don’t have?
·What do you really like to see?
·What annoys you?
·If you could, what would you change?

If you have a moment, add to this thread.


posted by  carbonmotors

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