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Cheers to the valued members of the devoted car performance community,

I’ve been browsing car forums and performance websites for a while, and can’t help but ask, how can they be better? Many of these forums exist as a place for likeminded people to congregate, however I find that many of the features given in these forums lack the ability for me to express my interests on an individual scale.

Having considered this I ask you the members of the community to give feedback on what motivates you to express your interests as a car enthusiast.

·What works?
oWhat doesn’t work/needs improvement?
·What functionality would interest you?
·What flexibility do you want, but currently don’t have?
·What do you really like to see?
·What annoys you?
·If you could, what would you change?

If you have a moment, add to this thread.


posted by  carbonmotors

well something i love on my other forum is this thing called the shoutbox. its bassicly like a forum open chatroom for all the member. guys can check it out at (delete link if its considered advertising)

posted by  V-Tec

no thats exactly what im looking to hear about! theres plenty of things going on right now on the web that can be added or looked at as examples.

thats really helpful!

posted by  carbonmotors

Overall, this forum is organized well. It's the people that have made it hit rock bottom...and then forced it to dig.

1) You need an active admin. Period.
2) You need active mods that are capable of banning, deleting posts, and acting fairly based on the RULES. They should not act in the interest of popularity or do what they themselves want. They should interpret the rules fairly.
3) You need to lock threads appropriately. Obviously not every single person on a car forum knows a lot about cars and obviously there will always be people spitting b/s, but starting flame wars over it in every thread is destructive. Setting the rules from the beginning is the only way it is possible to always have them.

The layout on this forum is perfect. There are not too many different rooms to get around and there are forums specific for various topics.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

while i am new to this community, i do see exactly what your talking about and your reply to my post is a sterling example of what makes a community golden: the members and the admins.

this kind of feedback is exactly what i think will help me, and others improve upon what is already good.

posted by  carbonmotors

Now my initial thought was that this thread was intended as spam, however with no links to suggest that it was intended as such, I'll assume it isn't spam and that the fact that you posted two of these topics was due to your indecision as to where this was best suited.

Ok, here's my opinion. As Nissan_Altima has mentioned, active Administrators and Moderators are vital to the smooth running of any forum. One issue that I have first hand experience with here at CF is that in an attempt to uphold and enforce the rules, some members choose to challenge my decision, and while a Mods decision is always final initially (although it's always up for appeal of course), an Admin to fight my corner would always be helpful to assist and offer other solutions where possible.

There really isn't much more to say to be honest, as most of the problems with any Forum can be addressed via an Admin. Every forum needs members, as they are what moves a forum forward. Every forum also needs a direct and easy to understand set of rules. I believe this forum has some very good members, and a good set of rules (although I must confess I don't always enforce them as they should be the letter, lol). I would recommend anybody who is wanting to start a site of their own gets the Admin/Mod side of things sorted as a priority, and then gets some clear guidelines in place too. CF only had rules written in 2004 (in supplement to the Terms of Service (ToS) though....although arguably ToS aren't always obviously visible to members!) and as such they might not have had the desired impact, and been a bit of a culture shock for members who had been active from 2002-2004.

posted by  Cliffy

thanks cliffy,

being new (as mentioned earlier!) i can see how that would come across as spam, but as you pointed out, i really had no idea where to post and wanted to reach alot of people because i feel like discussing these things helps people understand what they get from the community and hopefully in return can come up with ideas on how to better benefit the community as well.

personally im not looking to start a forum of my own, but am looking to see what people think could be improved or added to as far as functionality goes.

theres always room for growth and i hope to be a part of that!

with that in mind, what do people think of a forum vs a site like cardomain?

posted by  carbonmotors

Organization, control, and all that jazz is cool, but I also believe that part of what makes a successful forum is to encourage debate, encourage dumb questions, and encourage individualism amongst the members. Once membership loses these characteristics the forums' life becomes dull and new members will be discouraged by a bitter gang-like crowd that already has their opinion firm...ala the members here who blindly follow vwhobo and his personality. Vwhobo is a cool individual...but the people who drag his nuts suck. Where is YOUR personality DSMer? cmeseadoin? BavarianWheels?

Too many weak-minded members were pushed away by the "mob who knows everything". "Your question is dumb and worded wrong...and that's all we have to say....What was that? You think I'm an asshole? Well...8 more people will back me up...YOU are the idiot. Pot. Kettle. Black. etc....and stop telling me manuals are more fun than automatics because that is NOT true and THAT is FACT." Kids can't handle that type of "flaming"...and that's who mostly makes up a successful forum. KIDS. Because kids need to be corrected and there isn't many things more fun to "an adult" than making themselves feel better by correcting dumb kids. No kids = no fun corrections = not much fun.

One other thing that kills a forum. PERMANENT BANNINGS. Unnecessary. Everyone can be missed, and the anticipation of a return of a member from a more productive TEMPORARY BAN can increase forum activity.

Last but not least...find a member like me and your forum will be GOLD.

posted by  What

brilliant! temporary bannings seem like a bigger punishment than permanent anyways!

along the lines of no kids = no fun, do you think thats true for other types of car communities, for example what about something like cardomain? do kids/adults make up the beef of whats interesting there? or is it the content/personalization?


posted by  carbonmotors

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