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i am sorry if some of u find this offensive or whatnot, but these forums are terrible right now. By the way this looks everything is going downhill. I haven't been on this site in a while but now that i came back to check it out i wish that i wouldn't have. I come back here and find some half nude/nude pics (not that all are bad :laughing:), half the members not on here anymore, and just pretty much no control of the forums... There need to be changes made. Guys is this a car forum or a porn website that fails to deliver...?

we need some active admins, and some IP Bans.... :2cents:

posted by  V-Tec

You're not just beating a dead horse, you're kicking its glue. Suggest something new or shut the f*ck up. Most of the chaos is focused in off-topic. There is healthy discussion in the Asian section.

You're the problem. You're a member who doesn't visit often that came back to start a negative topic and suggest shit that's been suggested since UnFedFat died 2 years ago.


posted by  What

See, you're not all bad, lol. V-Tec, I'm open to all suggestions, but unfortunately they'll more than likely be in vain. Alot of the problems here are due to an inactive Admin, but a fair few are down to members who would rather moan and whinge that the place is going downhill rather than stay loyal to this place and get stuck in. Really, the ONLY thing the Administrator would do would be upgrade software etc to maybe get some better search results or something. The main running of this place is down to you guys (and us guys, lol). I'm really starting to see What's side of things now....And that's strange. What good would IP banning members do? The only members that truly need to be IP banned are those who are just here to spam the place. If other members require a ban, a username ban will surfice...Afterall, any members that post anything that could be banned wouldn't come back with a new name for the sole reason of their post count.

posted by  Cliffy

The real problem with CF is that there aren't enough (super-)mods...CF could use some software upgrades, but it's not that bad like this.

posted by  chris_knows

That's not a real problem, Sure we could do with some extra Supermods and standard Mods, but all a Supermod can do that I can't is Ban members, and that is only a small part of the problem. The main problem is in member activity. We need quality threads and additional active, good quality members, and an active administrator to give this place a facelift to bring in those members!

posted by  Cliffy

...OR better control of the teeny-boppers so all your knowledgeable members who left because this place became a such a farce might actually come back and contribute.

posted by  97Talonchik

I agree. A problem I have with this is that the teeny-boppers far out number the knowledgable members, although some of the teeny-boppers here are quite knowledgable. There are certain fields different members show knowledge in, afterall. As tbax said, it's frustrating because you guys expect us to act in certain ways that aren't always possible, and chances are that by doing something that one member wants often puts the backs up of several others. Alot of the time a group of members want a certain action to be taken, yet another group don't. It doesn't matter what way you view the situation because whatever course of action we take, as Mods, will be the wrong course of action.

posted by  Cliffy

Im obiously new here so I dont know what it before.If your looking to have certain types of people have a voluntary aplication.Like a "Do I belong here" check list.nobody wants to be where they dont fit in.

posted by  yota

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