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Hey all, it's been awhile, alot of things going on lately. I just thought I'd stop by for once and check the place out, it doesnt look too different lol.

Alot has changed with me, I've been working fulltime and spending all my money on the cars I've bought since I was last here. I now have a 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with a recently done 350sbc swap and a 1995 Gmc Sonoma that I bought as is.

Anyways how has everyone been? Have I missed anything exciting around here or with any of you?

I paid $400 for the Monte

I paid $300 for the Sonoma as is

The pics of the Monte Carlo are from when i bought it, I'll put recent ones up when I take some (jacked-up rearend, SS steering wheel, duals..)

posted by  car_crazy89

Hey there! Welcome back. All's been the same here as the last time you were around I guess, lol. You'll have the old negheads pop by shortly with the old "this place is dead, you'll be better off not bothering" or words to those effect.

posted by  Cliffy

indeed....indeed :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Yah you missed a cooter shot from synth, haha

Planning any mods to the 350?

posted by  Enthusiast

*insert nude picture of me*

Welcome to CarForums :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

anything you need to know about the monte, i'm your guy. i love those cars. how did you run your exhaust? any mods to the engine yet? looks like its in pretty nice shape. truck looks like it would be a pretty good truck for a SBC as well.

posted by  glagon1979

Man I love those LS1 and Lt1 swapped S10s they are such sleepers, had one roll by me at class the other day and I would have never guess till he stopped and I could make out some lope. So I waited for him and asked hima bout it and he said he tried to make it as quiet as possible for the sleeper effect but it was an cammed LS1 swap.

I was pretty jealous:orglaugh:

posted by  Enthusiast

Welcome back to CF :thumbs:

I wanna see some recent pics of the Monte.

posted by  chris_knows

Haha damn, I can't believe I missed that pic lol. And so far the 350 is a completely stock Texas leaded 4 bolt-main from what I'm told. I have the headers running to the dual catalytic converters (got busted before the swap without one), then the pipes tuck under my transmission crossmember and straight-piped to the rear axle where they meet a set of tailpipes off an old Cutlass.. I'm not running any mufflers on the car.

I may try and take a camera with me to work tomorrow and get the car on the hoist and take a quick pic of the setup as it'd be better than my explanation.

I'm not sure what kind of mods I may do to the 350 yet, nothing too major as I cant afford it right now lol.. I still have to find the water leak before I do any interior work also. The car wasn't too bad when I got it, needed some floor work, brake/gas lines, shocks and a few other minor things. And I'm not sure what I'm doing with the truck yet, I'd like a SBC swap but if that's the case it won't be anytime soon.

posted by  car_crazy89

Damn, I love those Montes. My mom had one when I was growing up from that era, it had a V8 but I think it was smaller than a 350. That thing was sharp, jet black. Nice car, nice deal.:thumbs:

posted by  giant016

wow u got some nice deals on those...

posted by  V-Tec

i may be wrong but are your rocker panels on the truck rotted out? and are those ****ed up park brake cables? i would take the rims and scrap the rest of the truck if it is as porely maintained as it looks, yes i can judge a book by its cover , the car looks alright from the outside :thumbs:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Actually the rocker panels on the truck are just surface rust for the most part, but the truck was pretty poorly treated. Also those are not e-brake cables hanging down rather they are zero gauge wire for the stereo system in the box of the truck lol. It even has an extra alternator in place of the airconditioning with that cable leading under the truck and to 2 batteries in the box for the stereo, alittle bit extreme for my needs haha.

Oh, and I did take the rims :smoke: (recent pics):[/url]

And I never got a chance to get a pic of underneath the car yet, but I'll try next week at work. The inside still needs a lot of work, but hopefully that and paint will be done for the summer :mrgreen: .

[U]Edit: Oh yeah, if it looks pretty high in the rear, that's because it is lol

posted by  car_crazy89

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