got my first horse....

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with my car!!!!!!!

heading to work around 5 this morning, it was real foggy out, and suddenly my headlights focus on a horse running from the left lane straight at me, i slam on the brakes trying to swerve and avoid it but she hit me, slammed my windshield, and flew over my car. my windshield exploded. i had glass everywhere. all over my face, eyes, in my mouth even. I pull over and look up the road and the horse is still on the move. we ended up finding the owner and fortuanetly they have insurance. It was hard to believe with as many deer i have to avoid in the morning, that im still yet to hit one of them and instead get a horse. the horse was alive the last i heard.
worst part was i just cleaned and buffed it last weekend

posted by  adamc44

Ouchh...So it sounds like you're okay? The pics are pretty dark, so I can't really tell, how bad was the damage to the car?

posted by  chris_knows

yea, i was pretty lucky. i managed to slow down quite a bit before the impact, took the paint off the front bumper, busted the turning light, bent the fender, dented the hood, crushed the window, ripped my rear veiw mirror from the roof, broke off my side view mirror, dented my right rear pillar, and bent my antenna. this is all i could tell from looking at it this morning and tonight.
what suprised me was the air bags didnt go off.
i took the pics tonight when i got home from work. ill try and get some in the light if i get a chance. hopefully it works out with the insurance, im going to get some estimates tuesday.

posted by  adamc44

LMFAO wait till cera sees it

posted by  99integra

Sounds/looks nasty! Glad everyone was ok though!

posted by  Cliffy

my jaw dropped

posted by  SyntheticTrust

How the **** do you hit a horse?

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Oh man! that's a rough experience... how's the horse by the way? :doh:

posted by  -Ice-

Same way that you hit a Deer probably...:banghead: :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

how do you hit a horse in a car....easy......

night time, very foggy and slick roads and the horse runs at you, its easy

going to get an estimate tomorrow.

as for the horse....well.....found out they bought it a day before the accident for $125 bucks off their neighbors cause the neighbors were not feeding it and it was starving. also found out that it got loose the day before. anyways, the owner went to put a bridal ring on it and it just laid down, so they went to get a gun to shoot it. :guns: as he walked up on it, he began to take aim, :guns: :guns::guns:and :ohcrap: :cry: :guns: .........................................................

the horse stood up.:clap: so, last i heard was it had a small gash on one side of its head, a big gash on the other side of its head, and a bruise on its side but its still alive. i was glad too, felt bad about hitting it especially after finding out it had a rough life

posted by  adamc44

Heh...there's a couple antler alleys up here...there's one bad stretch of highway north of me...about 20kms long, one trip through, there was at least 10 deer...have yet to go through that stretch with any less then 2 deer on the side of the road.

posted by  dodgerforlife

insurance company got back with me. i payed 2600 for the car including taxes, they offered 4070. i bought the car back for 200 with salvage title. so ill get a check for 3870.
windshield is 200 installed
power mirror 60
headlight 30
antenna 10
title to salvage 6
inspection fee 50
im not even going to fool with the fenders, hood, paint, and dents cause U.S. 52 on the way to work is full of deer and more than likely ill claim a deer in the future. seems like everything turned out better than i thought.

posted by  adamc44

When i lived in indiana i had a guy hit a COW on the highway at night, he had a superduty ford pulling a trailer . . . i heard it and could see from my window, glass *sprinkling* across the road in the headlight beams.

It sounded like he hit another car and is what i thought happened . . . til the next morning i saw the truck in my neighbors drive . . and the cow across the street bloated on his side heh . . it was summertime mind you . . . and mmmmmMMMM did he smell delicious


posted by  Spartan3c79

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