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Ok, so I have this really annoying cough that has been occuring in the early hours of the morning (or at inconvenient times in general). It's been happening for a few days and is really starting to annoy the wife, as she gets woken up by it, lol....So, does anybody know of any proven remedies? (or non-proven, I'm really not fussed, lol) :thumbs:

Thanx guys!

posted by  Cliffy

i have the same thing every winter (not from smoking)

see a doctor, but in the meantime, warm milk and honey will help soothe your throat those are the first 2 that come to mind

posted by  newyorker


posted by  chris_knows

I'm a non-smoker so this isn't usually a big issue (I'm guessing smokers get coughs more regularly?). I will try the warm milk thing. although my throat isn't sore so it doesn't really need soothing, lol. Thanx for the advice!

Chris, what is Buckley's? A cough mixture?

posted by  Cliffy

It's for coughs and congestion, but I guess since you didn't know about it, you guys don't get it there...

posted by  chris_knows

No, we have our various equivalents though. To be honest I find that stuff only works to an extent or covers up (masks?) the cough. I was wondering if there was a way in which to elliminate the cough so it doesn't return, at least for a couple of weeks, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

How would you describe the cough?

Definitely see a doctor. Coughing and the respiratory system is not a thing to mess around with, especially since you get it in the morning. Many medications are not OTC anyway. In the meantime, drink hot tea, eat cough drops, and any of the various cough syrups that you have. Don't abuse the medicine though. Elevating the pillow also MIGHT help relieving some of the cough in the morning.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Here ya go


posted by  jedimario

Thanks for the advice. I'll try and describe. It's a kind of chesty cough that often happens when I take a 'deep breath' and when it does happen I can't stop coughing for a often many minutes. It happened earlier this evening and I went to grab a drink of water, this seemed to make it worse in some ways, in that it seemed to penitrate my throat and make it more irritable. (only whilst coughing...drinking and breathing normally don't have any affect).

I elevated the pillow (well, added more pillows at least) last night as it's helped on previous occasions and I remember that's what my Mum used to tell me to do when I was a child, lol. I must admit I am getting a little worried about it now as I can't ever recall a 'cold' like this before. It started like a typical cold, but the blocked nose and soar throat have sinse cleared up, and all that's left is this cough! I had a Flu vacination a few weeks ago, could that have affected me in this way?

posted by  Cliffy

Interestingly, from the first post it sounds like you are describing typical asthma symptoms (coughing in the morning, coughing after a deep breath, "cold-like symptoms" turning into just coughing, etc). Since if you would have had asthma, I'm sure you would have mentioned it, I'm guessing you didn't have it while growing up? Still, it is possible that you are developing "latent asthma". It is, however, not very common.

A flu vaccine (providing it was the typical muscular injectiction kind) is basically the "killed" virus itself injected into you. Therefore, it can produce flu-like symptoms (this is the danger with any vaccine, albeit a small one). However, it has been three weeks so, once again, it doesn't sound like that should be the cause of many problems.

More than likely it's either a minor inflammation or infection of the lungs after a cold that can be easily taken care of with an antibiotic. I would seriously suggest you go see a doctor. Would you drive a car with faulty brakes? The doctor can conduct various tests and, most importantly, use a stethoscope to listen to you breathing. I can't do that over the internet and, honestly, probably don't know enough yet to correctly diagnose to 99% certainty even if I could.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I usually just ride it out and enjoy having an excuse to lounge around in sweats, drink soup, and watch the price is right.

If you need it gone though, a humidifier might help. I shut my room's door and put it on all night. Usually by the morning if feels like all of my mucus (sp?) has broken up.

I might be wrong on this, but I think it is impossible to cure a cold because the germs of the common cold are constantly mutating, meaning if the made a cure for it the germs would have already changed and be immune to it. You can cover up the symptoms though.

posted by  giant016

Although there are various methods, drugs, etc. for "helping" against the cold and making people feel better when they have it, since it is viral related, it is impossible to actually cure it. All of that is very useful for someone that definitely has the cold.

However, we can't be really sure that Cliffy indeed has the cold. If it's a bacterial infection, sitting around and waiting won't be a very good idea which is why I suggested he see a doctor. They do get paid for something.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

White lightning and honey. Doesn't cure anything, but does cut back on the coughing for a spell. :thumbs:

posted by  thefonz

WOW Nissan_Altima FINALLY proved to be useful and informative!! Congrats man, if you can just do that more often, or not argue all the time that would be great.:thumbs:

posted by  newyorker

Quit whining and wait it out. Seriously though, don't run to the doctor because you have a cough. It happens...and sadly its happening more and more (to a higher degree and potency) because people run to the doctor and get antibiotics. We surely are a generation of fast fixes and easy remedies aren't we?

Take some cold medicine (with a decongestant) and yeah as Fonz said, get some White Lightning, lol. If you get worse or it last for longer than 7-10 days, then see your doctor. Also consider increasing your daily dose of Vitamin C, Zinc and though not scientifically proven, Echinacea. hese will help support your immune system and fight off whatever is causing your troubles.

On another note, what the hell kind of Twilight Zone did I step into? NYer is repairing other people's cars for money and Nissan is giving medical advice?

posted by  97Talonchik

haha.... you're just saying that now that you're a domestic little housefrau :mrgreen:
you'll be suggesting cod liver oil next :laughing:

repairing is a liberal term in this instance.

posted by  windsonian

Cod liver oil also has its advantages. I remember taking a Tablespoon each week on that stuff for a variety of reasons.

Oh yeah...forgot to comment on housefrau. Had to look that one up since we don't speak that language in the South, lol. I'm not a hausfrau.

posted by  97Talonchik

Ive been doing family repairs and stuff for friends since before I could drive. if i know how to do something, i take it way am i going to tell someone "ok" for something that I do not have the tools or knowledge for...or something that cant be solved easily

Nissan_Altima is a medical major, so that follows with that

posted by  newyorker

I never take medicine for anything, I let my natural healing ability heal me. Eventually, I will be the cure for cancer.

posted by  What

I practice the religion of the amazing and all knowing What.

posted by  99integra

I hope cancer gets to you before the cure is invented...mental retardation certainly has done so already.:laughing:

posted by  newyorker

You are wise to follow such a being.

At worst I'll be the cure for cancer, at best I'll be Wolverine.

I'm having these claws installed by Frankenstein himself. Here is some of his previous work.

With my healing-factor, I won't scar as much as those pipes.

posted by  What

Although that sounds about right coming from you, I am the same. I never really take pain killers or other stong drugs (prescibed, lol). I've just always been skeptical about them....don't know why, they obviously help in some way, lol. This cough has just annoyed me, but I'll soldier on and hope it disappears, if not, I'll visit my GP and make her earn her £90,000 a year :ohcrap:

N_A, thanks for the advice again. I havn't got least not that I'm aware of. The Flu vaccine was the first one I have ever had, and I have heard that it can have side-effects. As you say though, it's been a while so that's probably unlikely at this stage. I will monitor the situation, lol. Thanks again everybody.

posted by  Cliffy

If you were having sinus problems - especially if your throat was sore, I'd recommend getting Hot and Sour Soup at your favorite Chinese restaurant. :mrgreen: Since that's not the case, perhaps you should get a humidifier or an air purifier? Do you have any back pain with the coughing? It could be the onset of pneumonia. My grandma is suffering from pneumonia right now. I think you should go to a doctor if your cough is as chronic and debilitating as you're saying Cliffy.

posted by  solsticeman2

There are a few things that I'd like to respond to in this thread, but since there have been so many responses since my last visit, I don't really feel like bothering. I would like to, however, thank someone for fulfilling me the wonderful knowledge that "more people cough these days because of the widespread of antibiotics." I guess you learn something [untrue] new everyday.

Cliffy, hope your cough gets better!

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Excuse me, but I NEVER said people cough because of antibiotics. I DID say that physicians (specifically the GP and FP) have a tendency to over prescribe antibiotics because they don't want to get to the root of the problem. This causes the "cold" germs to mutate, into supergerms. You're sitting here telling this guy to run to the doc. Why? You're 18. You're not a doctor. Quit acting like you already are. You're sounding like your buddy NYer everyday.

posted by  97Talonchik

You are (according to your profile) 9 years older than me, making you 27, and yet you are incapable of having a mature conversation without flaming me along the way. It is incredibly pathetic that someone at your age can't discuss a difference of opinions without using childish insults. Why so hostile? Why so mad? Is it because What and vwhobo have already destroyed your opinions in other threads?

Anyway, let's get to the root of your post. Firstly, these are your direct words:

This would be the part where you tell me that I mistook what you said and that you meant something completely different from what it obviously seems like you said.

Cold "germs" to mutate? Anyone with high school science can do better than that. Colds are viral infections. The reason antibiotics don't help is because they target bacteria, not viruses. Antibiotics CAN cause antibiotic-resistant bacteria, if abused, but that has nothing to do with someone's cold. This bacteria will only strike later, in a different place, with resistance to one or more specific antibiotic(s).

Finally, where did I act like I am a doctor? By telling him to go see one? Does everyone on this forum that has ever provided car advice try to sound like a mechanic? I simply provided some (hopefully) helpful information and told him to go see a doctor because a cough that doesn't go away doesn't sound nice. What would he lose by going to the doctor? Thirty minutes of his time? Did I tell him I can come over and correctly diagnose his problem? While you're writing the answer to this post, feel free to let me know how I sound like NY'er. If you specifically edited your post to add that in, it's gotta be important to you.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

The use (or misuse) of antibiotics can contribute to the resistance of MRSA or other superbugs, but has no effect on a virus such as the common cold, unless it destroys your normal flora (good bacteria) which can leave you more susceptible. And it is not so much the over prescribing of antibiotics that leads to resistance, as much as it is people that don't finish their antibiotic, and save some for the next time they are sick. Keep in mind that superbugs are not necessarily more contagious, or harder for your immune system to fight, they are just resistant to antibiotics. Healthy people like you and me might come in contact with MRSA and fight it off without even knowing it. It is just the people that have a weakened immune system that can't fight it themselves that need the antibiotics.

O, and BTW, age and intelligence are two very different things
And another thing, I think common sense should be put on the endangered species list.

posted by  dvdrose18

I agree with just about everything you have said. However, while not finishing the prescribed antibiotic dose is a major 'cause of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, this can also occur when antibiotics are prescribed unnecessarily. Unnecessary antibiotics can "select for" resistant "superbug" bacteria, allowing it to dominate the human body as antibiotic susceptible bacteria is killed off. Thus the problem occurs when an infection breaks out as a regular antibiotic may not suffice in eradicating it.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

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