Some pix of me and a fairlady, and from a benefit carshow

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Not the best photograhy work, just wanted to post some pix up
the guy with the red s13 with white body kit and fenders said he had a rare japanese motor called a is that

The papers on the windshield say "I proudly support the philadelphia police" and we managed to raise 825 dollars. We also raffled off a set of dunlop dizzera tires, had a live DJ, and were raffling detailing supplied, restaraunt gift certificates, and had a 50/50 raffle as well.

and some from the detail session that morning od9.jpg od7.jpg od5.jpg od2.jpg

The 300zx is a 94 with 60k miles, tt motor, original paint (except aftermarket front bumper), and has some engine work done. Car drives amazing. Here is the mod list.
1994 300zx twinturbo
ASP underdrive pulley*JWT pop charger*JWT ECU + boost jets*Stage 3 Z1 clutch/ultra light flywheel combo*Divorced MR DP'S*2.5" MR TP'S*2.5" SZ res x-pipe*2.5" SZ quad tipped catback*Fidanze short shifter with SPL bushings*JSPEC front bumper*JSPEC tails*clear corner rear signals*HP Racing 18" wheels

edited to put in the proper year of the 300 and a mod list

posted by  newyorker

Some pretty nice pics. That red 300ZX looks amazing.

Never heard of a CR20 either lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I swear I was going ~20mph in a large empty lot smoothly turning. I put my foot down and it took off, and I felt the back end start to come out a bit. It was an experience :)

edit the motor is a ca20

posted by  newyorker

its weird cause the motor was turboed, and had a side mount, and wikipedia tells me they never came turbocharged. it wasnt an sr or ka motor because the valve cover was confused

posted by  newyorker

couldnt tell ya to be honest

posted by  newyorker

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