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Here is a quiz (http://www.forddoctorsdts.com/quizzes/MechanicalAptitude.php) that I stumbled upon on. It's a pretty cool aptitude test for people in the UK thinking about becoming techs. It's 50 questions long and has no time limit. Below is my score, first try in eight minutes.

Let's see how everyone can do first time. NO CHEATING. Good luck and have fun!


Disclaimer: I do this for a living and would be ashamed to score below about a 94. Do not expect to score this high. My score is displayed for motivational purposes only. That is all.

posted by  vwhobo

Took me about 20-25 minutes. I don't understand how it works, because it only popped up once to tell me I had a wrong answer.

400/500 = 80%


posted by  chris_knows

Just scored 350 points for 70%. :ohcrap:

The majority of the test is physics though. I'm sure being a mechanic is a lot harder.

EDIT: Took me like 15-20 minutes but I didn't copy the page. Crap!

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I took it a while ago and got a 64 I think :ohcrap: :banghead:

Guess Computer Science was a good choice :lol:

posted by  jedimario

74% on what is pretty much a physics test.:banghead: Given the classes I've taken thats not very good.

posted by  giant016

Not too shabby.

posted by  Bubba

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