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im saving up 2 buy a used or cheap car but i need advise on how this work. im going to be a first time buyer i need to know the basics like how 2 start out example insurance monthy bills im lost i just wanna noe the basic about apliying and getting a new car. thx:thumbs:

posted by  duce871

Well, first off, whats your weekly allowance?

posted by  Mathew

Your parents should help you with choosing insurance

posted by  99integra

Insurance varies state-to-state, but most people pay monthly. Around here you can pay for a year in advance or 1/2 a year in advance as well.

If by "aplilying" you mean applying for a car loan, you'll probably need your parents to co-sign on the loan, assuming you're as young as I think you are.

#1 thing is not to get in over your head. Make sure to have extra cash lying around at all times for when something breaks. If you don't know how to work on your own car, it's not hard to rack up $500+ bills at the repair shop. Kids also don't think of routine maintnence as much, but at regular intervals the oil, belts, rotors, etc. need to be changed. However, most jobs like that are perfect for a beginner to start to learn to work on cars.

posted by  giant016

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