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So, anyone attending the annual "Do" that usually involves lots of drinks and an over-prices meal this year? We have ours tomorrow night (well, today for me now actually, lol) in Wimbledon, South West London. Now on the surface it should be better than lats year's, as posted here ( istmas+party)...But I'm not too sure as the food seems pricey and the drinks will more than likely follow suit. Having said that, given that I've been in this job a while now I have paid plenty in to the Lottery syndicate and as such some of the winnings throughout the year are mine, which in turn means I have to pay very little for the meal itself (it's being paid for out of the kitty).

Anyway, I'm going to be meeting with a couple of the lads and getting a few (slightly cheaper) drinks in at a well known bar/pub chain before hand as I am expecting things to be costly otherwise, lol. I'll be taking the camera so I'll share any pics I find worthy either here or in the "Members' Pics" thread...Rest assured I won't "merge" anything, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

you have to pay for your work xmas party?!?! tough times.

posted by  windsonian

Yeah....The boss can usually stretch to maybe a pint of water each....That's about it though, lol. I remember the good days of the "all expenses paid" Xmas party...that was years ago and until last year I hadn't attended one sinse...tough times indeed. :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

No office Christmas party here...Have fun at yours, though. :thumbs:

What food is being offered? Unless it's either stake or for a fund raiser, that's pretty gay...Although I guess the money would have to come from somewhere--like your wages, so it's not really too bad.

posted by  chris_knows

It's a Tappas bar apparently so it'll be kind of Spanish/Mexican type food I guess? (I think that's what Tappas is, lol). Not what I'd choose personally, but I'm willing to try anything once....Well, almost anything...:laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Ok, here are a few pics I took of our little gathering the other night! My appologies if these appear a little on the big side, as the usual size my pics display at using Photobucket seems to have increased....They're ok on my monitor...Just, lol. Or maybe it's just me that cares....

Me and my colleague, David.

Me intending to take a picy of two of us...

Eventually got the two faces in...(Me and Gary)

Gary singing 'I wish it could be Christmas everyday'

Me with colleagues Gary and Lucy

My (work) partner Ray and myself....Would you believe I trust my life with this man? lol

P*ssed as a fart, Raymondo decides to have a dance...

...Whilst the rest of us drink the night away.

posted by  Cliffy

Couple more for the road....

We staggered off to Wimbledon train station as the evening closed...Bit like a busmans holiday for us, lol.

We got a (short) random lady to take this one....she looked trust worthy, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

How late did it go? Looks like you guys were drunk right from the beginning lol.

BTW Pics are a good size.

posted by  chris_knows

It didn't go on that late, but we started off in another bar because we predicted that the drinks would be expensive in the place where we booked to eat at, lol. We started out at around 1700hrs and finished at around 2330hrs. Not all of us started that early though, just a select few, and I'm sure some people stayed much later, I had to get a train home though and if I missed one I have over an hout till the next....

EDIT: Forget my appologies for the sizes....I have rigerously resized them all, lol....I screwed up the one at the top of the last post slightly though, and can't re-re-size it...Nevermind! :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

whoah! Nice Pics... :smoke:

posted by  -Ice-

It was great party at all. But drinking is dangerous to health.

posted by  aarathi

So is advertising.....:banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

What? Are you saying it wasn't a great party or it was a great party after all? Drinking CAN be dangerous, but if you know your limits, it's perfectly safe. Also, small amounts of certain alcohols can actually be good for the body.

posted by  chris_knows

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