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Okay guys Ive started play GT4 again recently going for a 100% completion.

I was wondering what you guys best lap times at your favorite track are. It be cool to see where I stand.

One of my favorites is infenion (sports car) and my best was a 1:16. I think there may be a second left in that lap. There is a corner or two I just cant get right to save me. Oh and that was on RM tires.

posted by  Enthusiast

IIRC, my 98 ITR did 1:46 on the Laguna check it when I get back up

Laguna seca is a pretty easy track except for the corkscrew and the final turn before the straight away cause its so tight

posted by  newyorker


When I finish this race, I have like 48 laps left at like 26 sec a lap, Ill try and tackle seca.

posted by  Enthusiast

I just ran a 1:10.471 at Seca on RM tires.

posted by  Enthusiast

On what car

Also, what car are you going bowling in a bit but when I get home I will try to tackle the lap with the same car in time attack mode

posted by  newyorker

Im cheating Im using a Formula 1 car. haha.
But it definetly wasnt the best lap, I think with a few more I should have no problem running a 1:9
I was waiting for you to call BS, I can hop in something else if you like, Ive got most of the cars, and I have enough money to buy any of them so If you want to run the same car, tell me what it is and Ill see if I can best our time.

posted by  Enthusiast

ummm, I played it a lot a while ago and still play it every once and then

best qtr mile was 8.7XXX in a Sti spec C with everything

highest top speed without going into a wheelie, 341mph in the red gt one toyota lemans car with everything and a load of screwing around with gears and aerodynamics/suspension

best lap times off the top of my head (all with super soft racing tires, you cant really go fast enough with any others :laughing: )

tsukaba- 44.6 seconds in the gt one toyota and 46.7 seconds in a lancia rally car

deep forest raceway personal record in 1.00 exactly

I cant remember what car though, ethier a crazy rally car or a lemans car

thats about everything I can think of right here

posted by  nighthawk

Just go into arcade mode, you wont have to waste your credits that way...ok here is a car id like you to use. Run 3 laps, I usually find that by lap #3 youll have a better time from being more familiar with the handling of the car, and the track. Car must be stock. Il do the same lap tomorrow.

Lets make it like this actually. you post a lap time and info on the track and car and tires and tranny choice. Il do the same track in the same car, post that along with another lap wth info on the car nad track, you run that setup, post it, and give me another challange to run on a track and post the time and info, so in essence well be posting

1. the track you were challanged to
2. the track you chose and are challanging the other player
just goin back n forth

1. 98-spec Honda Integra Type-R JDM: Laguna seca raceway, non-reverse
Manual trans, aids allowed, R2 tires (medium)

posted by  newyorker

Working on a project and the game is currently being ran in B-spec mode for an endurance race. If I finish up my school stuff, Ill be all over this.

On a side note have you acquired the formula 1 car yet?

posted by  Enthusiast

Nop. I havent played that much my percentage is like 3.2 or something...I think its hard to fully complete that game. remember the one make races, licence tests, etc. I have all of my licences except for the final (i think its the S) and a few cars. Personally I have no real desire to 100% the game cause it will take waaaay too long. I hope that 100% doesnt mean you have to buy all the cars in the game, cause thats gona be a nightmare. How do I get the f1 car btw? Take ur time on the race, i know people have finals and shit comin up. Im personally studying as well.

posted by  newyorker

Im trying to study but its so boring and Ive never had to study, so its extra hard. haha

You get the formula 1 cra by doing a 24 hour race at the ring. I put the game in b-spec mode and went to sleep then school and came back and had won 1.2 million and a formula 1 car. Pretty bad ass but hard to drive at its full potential cause everything happens so fast.

posted by  Enthusiast

ages ago we had a comp on this forum about getting the fastest lap on a track under certain condition

posted by  GreekWarrior

This car sucks, I can only muster a 1:54.715

Wait I got a 1:52.063 and I have no desire to drive this car anymore.

posted by  Enthusiast

I got 1:48.221

What should I drive and where

posted by  newyorker

C5 Z06 at Infinion Sports track, forward, SS tires.

posted by  Enthusiast

Oh shit I just realized you said R2 tires I was running on S2 tires. Oh and so you know, your car wasnt available in arcade mode, I just bought it.

I was confused cause I was running 2 secs faster than the comp in b-spec. I was like damn nyer must kick ass. Im gonna buy some R2 tires and try again/

posted by  Enthusiast

Managed a 1:46.975 on Seca still and the teggie. First lap, im gonna try a few more. Car feels much better now, I can coax it into oversteer if I need to and I can actually crary speed through corners.

posted by  Enthusiast

I ran 4 laps within 2 tenths of that then managed a 1.46.259

posted by  Enthusiast

Nice time. I gotta retry mine cause i was racing with a friend lol il post up tomorrow prolly. Goin to a party tonight and then were takin a friend of mine out for the day, his dad passed away last night and we are trying to cheer him up, so whenever I get some time

posted by  newyorker

did you use the DC2 or the DC5

posted by  newyorker

Just ran a 1:44.176 at Infineon in the Z0 and SS tires.

Uhh let me look. Oh and you said R2 tires (medium). The R3s are the mediums so I bought those did you mean th hards?

The whole name of the car im in is the Honda INTEGRA TYPE-R (DC2) '98

Anyone else wanna get in on this?

posted by  Enthusiast

OK I think we should start over with more clear rules lol

posted by  newyorker

Lets just start on the C5 Z06 at Infineon Raceway, non-reverse, sport soft tires. I already ran those laps.

posted by  Enthusiast

Il get on it tomorrow..leaving the house in like 20 minutes

posted by  newyorker

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