The Chinese will copy anything and anyone

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posted by  newyorker

I've seen those before...I'm kinda iffy about buying ANYTHING from China, for several reasons.

posted by  chris_knows

Oh well, that's Chinese... But the ferrari looks great eh... :thumbs:

posted by  -Ice-

thats because thats a picture of a real italian enzo

posted by  newyorker

anyone have a foto of the chinese ferrari??

posted by  gerrawrd

I thought it was just cheap turbos, charge air coolers and bypass air valves. They have taken it to an entirely different spectrum. None the less..

If I could buy a Phantom Look-A-Like for 1/4th of the price, I would. But, unfortunately for me, even the knock off is heavily overinflated sporting a $300,000 price tag. Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk... _02.jpg _03.jpg

posted by  DSMer

The knock off looks like a life sized Hot Wheels.

posted by  jedimario

Any idea on the actual price? I'm curious because those numbers don't add up. 300K for a replica is neither 1/4 of the price nor a good idea. Why spend THAT much for a knock off. If you're dropping that kinda dough, I'm sure you can shell out another 50K or so and pick up a new '07 Phantom.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Made in China.

posted by  m0n0x!de

We know

posted by  newyorker

WHAT?!!?! surely not .... just look at it .... it must be British!! :screwy:

posted by  windsonian

id still try and buy the real thing
go to youtube and type in chinese crash test

im sure these knock offs would all fair the same, plus the body paint probably has lead in it........

posted by  adamc44

Yes I agree with you the Chinese will really copy anything from clothes, bags and now cars. What do they intend to copy next people perhaps??

posted by  zuzi

That'll be good, "can I have 10 of her please".

We'll copy the shit outta everyone and do it for cheap, thats part of our culture. But now money is pouring into China and people there are demanding original stuff.

posted by  fudge

lol i think they just want more money because they lost so much money from all those recalls on those lil kids toys lol

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

Eh... As long as China can't be sued, they'll continue doing it. Almost anyone would copy if there weren't consequences. It's just that China can't be sued, I guess.

posted by  Honda S2K

Maybe some day we'll wise up and boycott their products (like when we can't afford them anymore). hmm... I wonder where this computer was made?

posted by  carls47807

it can't be british-- there's no oilstain under it.... :wink2: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: j/p

posted by  dodger65

the irony of the situation is that capitalists are "supposedly" the least inventive. Funny to see a commie nation doing JUST THAT :orglaugh:

posted by  usedoil7

The thing is China has become a capitalist country now. The days of Mao's regime are long gone son so there's no irony.

posted by  fudge

China is still a dictatorship led by the communist party. Its government has allowed enough capitalism to provide in influx of foreign money to fund its economy

posted by  tbaxleyjr

don't give them the idea, they might do it! hahaha!

posted by  atlantis

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