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Warning: the following post will require you to think.

I am no financial person, but i love math, and i love making waves!
Do you have any credit card debt? do they charge you interest based on an APR? Do they list your Daily Periodic Rate? Did you know this year is a leap year? If you answered yes to theses questions, you are probably being over charged. Thats right, I said OVERCHARGED

Take your APR and divide it by 365, you will probably get your Daily Periodic Rate. But Wait! this year is a leap year, there are 366 days this year! So now take the Daily Periodic Rate that they list, and multiply it by 366, This is the APR you are paying right now. See a difference? thats right, they are charging a higher APR than they are telling you! sounds like fraud to me. So, armed with this information and your latest statement, (make sure it is from 2008! this does not hold true for 2007!!) start a pot of coffee, empty bowel and bladder, and give customer service a call.

If you decide to pursue this, here are a few hints:
1. They will probably tell you they are based off a 365 day year, which they are, but then ask them, what day is it that they don't charge interest this year? on Dec. 31 this year, they will be charging their customers interest that they don't owe!
2. if your last statement period doesn't cover much of January, you probably have not been overcharged by much, Yet. Wait for your next statement, then try it.
3. Be prepared to wait on hold for them to crunch the numbers, probability is they will be a little confused.
4. If you are not too good at arguing, this might not work for you, but just think of the fun you had, confusing a poor soul on the other end of the line.
5. Be prepared to think fast, and have a calculator on hand (one with a multi line display works best), work out all the calculations before you call! preparation is key to catching them off guard!
6. Have fun!
7. unless you have enormous debt, it will only save you a few bucks at most

posted by  dvdrose18

If someone came into a bank and tried to argue this, I'd kick them out for being stupid and wasting people's time.

There are much better ways to save money.

posted by  Ruiner

It's only about $20, but there are better things to do with that money lol. Agreed, it's going to take like 2 hours to do it, but if you have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon, why not?

posted by  chris_knows

for some people every penny counts, And some people (like me) don't do it for the money, but just because it is fun to get back at the credit companies for once, especialy now that the fed is lowering interest rates and Credit card companies still insist on raising theirs. It is great fun telling people that there are 366 days this year, and listening to the cricket chirp on the other end of the line

posted by  dvdrose18

I do agree with you, its not all in money...

posted by  mhaneil

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