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boyd coddington, guy who was on the discovery channel for awhile, legend hot rod builder, dead at 63:soul:

posted by  adamc44

This is terrible...I wonder what the cause was, I don't remember hearing of any health problems. My thoughts go to his family and friends.

posted by  chris_knows

Sad no doubt, feeling bad for his fmaily and friends, but in all reality he's no real hot rodder to me. I'm too lazy/could find better use of my time then research how many of his old historic rods that he actually built, but I don't remember him doing anything more on the show than writing the pay checks. The old guy who passed while the show aired (sadly can't remember his name) was much more of a true rodder than Boyd appeared to be.

Also, I love the subtlety (sp?) of the thread title. I kind of want to start a thread like "Tony Danza - NOT DEAD".

posted by  giant016

Ugh. You sound like an idiot.

posted by  Mathew

Which part? Saying I sound like an idiot without explaining it is you just talking shit, not trying to make me see the error of my ways as you see it. The bad Tony Danza joke? I could see your point on that.

However, I'll stick to my guns in that although it's sad when anybody dies, from what I have seen of Boyd makes me think his death has as much of an impact on the car world as the other million or so people that died the same day he did and went unmentioned.

posted by  giant016

I don't/didn't really watch American Hot, but it's sad nonetheless....:soul:

posted by  Cliffy

If you only know him from the show, then you dont' know shit. Seriously. Boyd was a hotrodder for decades, and befopre he had his own shop, he built ALL his own rods and customs, while working full time as a machinist for Disney. He was a perfectionist, and a workaholic (failing health led to him doing less work in later years, as you can see on the show). He was an innovater and a visionary. After he got his shop running, he built cars from sketches by Steve Stanford, Thom Taylor, Larry Erickson and later Chip Foose.

The hot rod world is mourning his passing, even if they didn't always agree on his style of car (and he built everything from traditional rods, to high end smooth billet artwork, to trucks, to customs, like CadZZilla). The hot rod world is mourning his passing. He regularly went out of his way to talk to and encourage rodders in person.

He was a regular car guy who worked his ass off at various jobs to feed his hobby and ended up able to make a successful living at his hobby. Soomething most of us would like to be able to say.

An excerpt from a thread on a traditional hot rod board I'm a member at: e/cadzilla.jpg

He was an icon in the industry for decades and will be missed.

posted by  ChrisV

damn we lost another good mechanic hot rodder. then RIP boyd

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

RIP Boyd Coddington.

posted by  atlantis

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