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rest in peace lil skeet me and you was like dawgs
untied from the leash and we was breakin dem laws
i remember one day you told me "too many people die by the gun"
1 month 'fo you got slayed dey wanted you done
you was my homie and now you went and gone swazy
i guess you were right my brother our lives are a little too crazy
errytime i light that blunt i think of you
still thinkin that its my life that was overdue
im leavin my words so that they up in the air
now throw up yo hands and shout out a prayer

posted by  99integra

amen lol did u make this up urself? i like it

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

haha yeah i did thanks, try it. :wink2:

posted by  99integra

naw im ok lol

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

nice teggy

posted by  SyntheticTrust

yeen know how we do in the 727~focused~i keep my flow runnin like a 9-5/
and even if its gone it'll still be alive/

if i say "rhyme" it rhymes~see i am only the best/
all you other rappers can go on and fly Southwest/

sittin in the lime light feelin the heat of the lights/
im a historical oracle i already know your last rights/

im not here to do the Lord's work not by a long shot/
but step to me and i'll murk you more often than not/

exceptions are made to only the brave/
not the stupid ass bitches thinkin there was not one white slave/

this society we live in is disgusting~un-pure/
Lord I pray to you to let my words not be obscured/

this is pure freestyle no nigga's and bitches/
is it only because im white that i feel there are no "white riches"/

no~its just the ignorant and uneducated/
just look at this world all we've done has accumulated/

from child molesters to necro's ya'll are a bunch of sick f*cks/
people doin bids from trying to get a few bucks/

i was born into section 8 im not going to lie/
but i still have that sense of pride that makes it easy for me to put on a suit and a tie/

im classy~and if you knew me it would be easy to see/
but there are people that think im not 'cause i was a detainee/

but i saw that wasn't what i wanted~it just wasn't me/
plus i came out wit a big ass legal fee/

paid it off usin dope money yeah i sold in the streets/
made me feel like scum~it wasn't even close to a treat/

people wit money listen to rap and want to get a hood pass/
but if you don't know what that is then you was never part of my class/

im not of that class no more~i want no more dead brothers/
no more screams or pain in the street coming from they mothers/

the police got birds in the air everyday searchin the hood/
which is good i'll be the first to say~i used to think we were misunderstood/

till i opened my eyes and found the stereotypes to be true/
lookin from my inside thug point of view/

the mic is open~open~all-out/
now im done~let someone else give you something to think about/

posted by  99integra

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